Samsung: But no Android 10 for these Galaxy phones

Contrary to previous promises, two of the most popular Samsung smartphones will not receive an update to Android 10.

EnlargeThe really warranted update to Android 10 will not be there for the S8 and central 8th©

Anyone who buys a smartphone from a well-known manufacturer assumes that they will still receive updates and security patches even after a few years. In the case of Samsung, many users should now be disappointed again. The South Korean manufacturer apparently does not want an update to Android 10 for the popular models Galaxy S8 (in the test) and Release Galaxy Note 8 (for testing) . This update of the operating system has been promised several times in the past, but according to Sammobile it will not come now.

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As a result, owners of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 should not get the latest version of Samsung’s ONE UI 2.0 software. Here was Samsung 7 updated to Android and Android 8 9 both devices already on Android. The update for Android 10 would have given both devices a few more years of use. So they will probably stay on Android 9 forever. Samsung wants to continue to supply the two smartphones with security updates . They have already received the Android 9 February update. How long there will be security updates for the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 remains open. It is quite possible that Samsung will also soon drop support here.

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