Google Pay: how to pay without contact with an Android smartphone

Google Pay allows contactless payment with your Android smartphone. A service which is not necessarily automatic, since it requires a compatible bank, and a little configuration. In this tutorial, we tell you everything to prepare your smartphone to use Google Pay as quickly as possible.

Google Pay is finally available in France at a handful of neobanks. Here’s how to set up and use Google Pay every day.SUMMARY

How to set up Google Pay on your smartphone

To set up Google Pay for the first time:

  • Download the Google Pay app from the Play Store or from APK Mirror
  • Open  Google Pay and follow the instructions to configure your card
  • If you receive an error message –  Unable to use Google Pay ,  Unable to verify your device or  You can no longer use Google Pay on this phone – check that your smartphone and your bank are compatible with Google Pay

Compatible smartphones and banks

To take advantage of Google Pay, you must have an Android smartphone compatible with NFC and running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later . For now, Google Pay is only compatible with a handful of banks – all have in common that they are essentially mobile neo-banks:

  • Boon
  • Boursorama Bank
  • Ticket Restaurant – Edenred
  • Lydia
  • N26
  • Revolut

Is your bank not on the list? You can still take advantage of Google Pay: this requires creating an account (often free) with one of these neo-banks.

How to make contactless payment with Google Pay

Before you can pay in store: make sure that the NFC functionality is activated . In addition, if you have another payment application (Samsung Pay or your bank, etc.), check that Google Pay is the default contactless payment application in the settings.

When paying:

  • Wake up and unlock your smartphone
  • Present the back of your smartphone to the payment terminal for a few seconds
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the payment terminal

Contactless transactions are capped at 30 euros per day for security reasons.

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