Google Assistant reads websites aloud

Google’s voice assistant will be able to read the content of Internet pages using a voice command.

EnlargeThe Google Assistant will be able to read content from websites in the future.© Google

In the future, people with limited eyesight or reading difficulties will be able to use the Google Assistant on their Android smartphone. Google introduced a new function for the voice assistant this week via the company blog . In the future, the Google Assistant will be able to read texts from websites in 42 languages. This works on Android smartphones via the browser. If the user has called up a website there that he would like to be read out, he simply informs the Google Assistant of this by voice command.

When prompted, the Google Assistant then starts voice playback of the written text. So that the user knows where in the text the reader is, the current word is highlighted in color and the text is scrolled while reading. According to Google, speech reproduction sounds very natural. Users can select different voices for their readers and adjust the reading speed according to their own preferences. However, it is not yet known when the new reading function for the Google Assistant will be available in Germany. Google has not yet specified a specific date in its blog.

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