Fortnite for Android: Epic warns of beta invitations

It is an unsightly trend. As soon as an app or a game becomes successful, numerous clones and fakes suddenly appear. In addition to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royal is currently one of the most successful mobile games. But since the latter is only available for iOS at first, windy phishing emails take advantage of the impatience of Android gamers.

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None of us is immune from phishing and other fraud emails. Again and again these unsightly and dangerous emails end up in our email inboxes. Reading is usually not really dangerous, but as soon as you click on a link in the email, bad things can happen. It gets really stupid when a website like falls into such an email and reports that Epic Games has started the beta test phase of Fortnite Battle Royal as part of Google I / O. Trusted Reviews  ✔@trustedreviews · 

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Nick “Murder Hornet” Chester✔@nickchester

@Game_Revolution this is not true, the email going around is an obvious phishing scam. Please reach out to us for clarifications before spreading misinformation. Thanks.22Twitter Ads Info und DatenschutzWeitere Tweets von Nick “Murder Hornet” Chester ansehen

Nick Chester, PR Manager at Epic Games, intervened immediately via Twitter and made it clear that Fortnite for Android is not available as a beta and that the videos about the status circulating on YouTube are also contentless. Therefore, if you soon see on emails, messages or YouTube videos that Fortnite Battle Royal for Android is available as a beta, you should be careful and not click any of the supposed registration links for the beta.

We are in contact with Epic Games and if there is really a beta test phase for Fortnite Battle Royal for Android, we will inform you accordingly on AndroidPIT. So far, however, Epic has only officially known that an Android version of Fortnite is being worked on and the aim is to release this version later this year. So wait and have a cup of coffee, or you can get an iPhone or iPad and play the iOS version of Fortnite Battle Royal . 

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