Firmware: Pixel smartphones get new features

Google is introducing new functions on the generation 2 to 4 pixel smartphones that bring a little more convenience.

EnlargeThe pixel 4 of Google supports hand gestures.©

Since last year, Google’s Feature Drops have brought new functions to their own pixel smartphones. Users no longer have to wait for annual updates, but get new features as soon as they are finished. What is new after the last update is an activation option for dark mode in the quick settings. The night mode introduced in Android 10 can be activated in this way with just one action. If you prefer to rely on automation, you can synchronize the dark mode with the position of the sun.

If, on the other hand, the power menu is opened by pressing the smartphone’s button for a longer period of time, there is now quick access to the cash and entry tickets and flight tickets stored with Google Pay. In addition, Google has given pixel smartphones new rules that, for example, mute the smartphone at certain locations or within its own WLAN or switch it to “do not disturb” mode. 169 emojis and AR effects are also new. Update 169 is to be offered for all pixel devices of generations 2 to 4. On the other hand, only the Pixel 4 receives a new gesture for Motion Sense, which stops or continues the music playback with a hand gesture. In a car accident, the Pixel 4 should continue to dial the emergency call independently, 

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