Facebook Messenger: Permanently delete messages

This functionality has been requested by many users, now it is there. Facebook Messenger now offers the option to delete sent messages . If you made a mistake while sending a message, if you sent it in the wrong conversation, or if you want to delete a spelling mistake, you can correct the error. In this article we explain how to do it.

WhatsApp has been offering this option for some time, it was only natural that Facebook’s other messenger application should follow suit. Previously it was only possible to delete the sent message for yourself, but now the functionality for deleting sent messages is also available to all users for the recipient.

How to delete sent messages in Facebook Messenger permanently

On a personal level, one sometimes sends a message in the wrong conversation and amazes the conversation partner. Even if this is not really a problem in most cases, it is good that you can correct the error and permanently delete a message that was sent in Facebook Messenger.

The ability to delete a message works just as well on smartphones as on the desktop. Here’s how:

  • Selects the desired message
  • Click the Remove option
  • Choose Remove for All
  • A confirmation message will appear. Another click and the message is deleted.
androidpit delete message facebook messenger
Deleting a message in Messenger is done quickly. / © AndroidPIT

As with WhatsApp, you have ten minutes after sending a message to delete it. After deletion, the message “You have deleted a message” appears in the recipient’s chat. If you do not delete the message in time, you will not receive a notification and the recipient can see the message before it is deleted. Warning: Voice messages cannot be deleted.

How to delete sent messages in Facebook Messenger

After the ten-minute period has elapsed, it is still possible to delete messages that were sent in a discussion only for yourself and not for the recipients. The procedure remains unchanged:

  • Selects the desired message
  • Click the Remove option
  • Choose Remove only for you

Has the update of the Facebook messenger with the function already arrived at you?

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