Do not use your Samsung Gear S3 watch with unofficial chargers if you do not want to be upset


At this point, it is quite evident that there are dangers associated with charging your smartphone with a third-party charger, but it seems that this also happens with wearables loaded with unofficial chargers.


Lamar Jackson, owner of a Galaxy Gear S3, decided to use a Mophie Charger Force Desk Mount that he found in a drawer to charge his watch. Many other wireless chargers I had tried had not worked, but this one seemed to charge the watch. Perhaps too much, in fact, since after a while his watch was “scorched.”

The same thing happened to the guys at Sammobile with a Gear S3 classic by placing it on a Tronsmart Chocolate wireless charger at night. The next morning, they found that it had not been charged and parts of the watch were burning. When placed on the official charging base, a warning message for overheating appeared.

It’s not just third-party chargers that are dangerous. A Reddit user has explained that his Gear S3 reached a high temperature when placed on the base of the Gear S2, after ignoring a warning that recommended placing it in its original charger. This is strange because the two charging bases are of similar power.

The guys from  Tizen Ex perts  explain that the increase in temperature was probably due to the Gear S3 not fitting well into the base of its predecessor, which causes an electric current to circulate through parts of the watch where it should not pass such as the bezel. , the buttons, the screen and the metal connections.

In conclusion, make sure that you charge your Gear S3 in the original base to avoid dislikes.

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