Despite the quarantine: this is how you stay in contact with the family

WhatsApp has many hidden talents. And these can be particularly useful in times of the corona virus crisis. Here we show you how to invite the whole family to a video conference. 

As long as the  coronavirus  Sars-CoV-2 alarms the country, everyone should stay at home if possible. Because the risk of infection is great. Forced isolation is difficult for many people. Friends and families are separated and may not be able to see each other for weeks.

So you can talk to up to four people at the same time

WhatsApp has a trick, however, of how you can at least virtually gather the family. Group calls were introduced in 2018. Unfortunately  WhatsApp  failed to add a separate item to the function in the menu – therefore the video conferences can only be started by a detour.

To do this, you first need to start a video call with just one contact. As soon as he has answered the call, an icon appears in the top right corner of the screen that you can use to add more people from your contact list. In total, up to four smartphones can be connected to a video conference. 

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