Android Q: How to disable automatic updates


Updates are usually carried out automatically on Android Q devices. If you would rather carry out updates for the apps installed on your smartphone or tablet manually, you must first deactivate the automatic updates function.

Android Q: Disable automatic updates

In order to receive the latest functions and close security gaps for the apps installed on your smartphone or tablet, it is necessary to carry out app updates on a regular basis. On Android Q devices, these are carried out automatically by default. To switch off automatic app updates, first open the Google Play Store on your Android-Q device .

  1. Then tap the “Menu icon” in the top left of the store and navigate to “Settings”> “General”> “Automatic app updates”.
  2. To completely deactivate the automatic updates, please tap on the entry “Do not allow automatic updates”.
  3. As an alternative to the complete deactivation, you can also switch off the automatic updates for individual apps.
  4. To do this, navigate to “Apps and Games” in the menu of the Play Store, select the corresponding app and first tap on the “Three-point menu” and then on “Automatic updates off”.

How to perform manual updates on Android Q

As soon as you have deactivated the automatic updates function, app updates will only be carried out if you do this manually. To check which apps have an update, open the menu in the Play Store and select “My apps and games”. If an update is available for an app , it is marked with “Update” and you can carry out the update by tapping on “Update”.

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