Blocked on WhatsApp? So you see who is blocking you Hot

Just good friends suddenly silence on WhatsApp? This could be because your boyfriend or girlfriend has simply blocked you in the contact list of the popular messenger service. But how do you find out if this is really the case? WhatsApp itself does not directly provide information about who has blocked or even deleted you since when. But it is actually very easy to find out for yourself if you want to know.display

How to find out if a contact on WhatsApp has blocked or deleted you


Here are a few tips / signs that someone is avoiding you on WhatsApp:

First you have to select the appropriate person on WhatsApp from your contact list and then check the following:

Online status : If you can no longer see when your contact was last online, he may have blocked you. But of course the contact can suppress this setting even with WhatsApp. Even if the status itself is no longer visible (usually a spell), it is reasonable to assume that it is blocked. The time stamp in the profile when the user was last online could reveal something about a possible blocking, but not all users disclose so much data.

Profile picture is missing: If you no longer see the profile picture of the contact, but the white standard picture, then it could be that they blocked you or he has not uploaded a profile picture. But if he had one before, this is unlikely.

WhatsApp messages do not arrive : A big indication of a block is when your message is no longer delivered. Means: If you send a message to your contact and the message only gets a gray tick, then the message has not arrived. If two ticks appear then the message has arrived, the gray ticks turn blue then your contact has read them.

Call via WhatsApp: You can now also make calls via WhatsApp, but only with people who have not blocked you. If you cannot get through, then something is wrong in the communication with your contact.

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