Android: What do opt-out and Optout mean?

It can be really annoying at times. Instead of new emails or a call or message on Facebook, an advertisement with an asterisk is shown in the notification line on Android. In addition, information such as opt-out and Optout can be found, i.e. clearly advertising in the notification line.

With these so-called push ads, app developers earn extra money. While you only see normal advertising when you start the app, this advertising is shown even if the app is not active. Most of the time, the advertising display (usually to other apps) even comes with a vibration of the device, even if this is normally muted.

Which app shows advertisements in the notification bar?

Now of course one wonders how to get this advertisement deactivated. There is only one way to do this: Uninstall the app again. But if you have installed several apps in one fell swoop or the display only comes hours after the last installation, you don’t know who it comes from.

Sometimes you still see “Ads by busparking 3d” (in this case the advertising comes from Bus Parking 3D), but sometimes you don’t see it either. But there is a great app for it, so that you are no longer annoyed by opt-out and Optout could be of interest to you   Our smartphone recommendations for Christmas 2019 – Find out more!

Solution: Addons Dector says which app is advertising – how it works

The app is called Addons Detector and comes from developer denper. This is how the app works. Once you have installed this, click on Scan in the app. This will scan all apps. Then you can look at a list (if apps have been found) that support this type of advertising.

To do this, click on “Addons” after the scan. Now all apps with advertising are listed by default. There is nothing wrong with that. You have to select “PushNotifications” for the filter and see the apps that cause the advertisement in the notification line.

Then you can easily uninstall it. Here is the link of the app to the Google Play Store:

We introduced the Addons Detector app in 2012. But in 2014 the app is still a must have if you want to find annoying advertisements in the notification bar. After all, you want to keep them free for important notifications and not for annoying advertising.

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