Android: to enable face detection on Android

Unlocking your smartphone with just one glance sounds tempting to you? Then you should activate the smart look of your Android smartphone with facial recognition! You can find out how this works here.

Smart Look – activate face recognition

With the Smart Look face recognition, your cell phone only has to see your face and you can access all the applications on your smartphone. Setting this gadget is very easy:

  1. At the beginning, open the Smart Look settings of your smartphone, which are in the “Security” area.
  2. Then select the “Face Detection” option.
  3. Android will now warn you that face recognition unlocking is not as secure as entering a PIN or password. Confirm here that you still want to use this variant.
  4. You will now receive instructions so that facial recognition works optimally. Read these carefully and click on “Next”.
  5. Hold your smartphone so that your face is surrounded by the green dotted outline and wait for the recognition to be completed. Then click on “Next”.
  6. Now select “Done”. Now by looking at the front camera, Android will unlock your smartphone’s lock screen.

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