Android: How to activate voice recognition

In the meantime, you no longer have to trust your memory to unlock your phone. You can now easily unlock your Android smartphone with your own voice. This means you always have access to your data. You just have to make the appropriate setting in Smart Look.

Smart Look – activate voice recognition

Enabling voice recognition on your Android smartphone is really easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  1. First open the settings of your smartphone and click on the “Security” heading. Then select the “Smart Look Option”.
  2. Select the “Voice recognition” option. Turn on the option by tapping the switch.
  3. Android now sends you a message telling you that the Smart Look function is not as secure as a PIN or password. You must click “OK” to confirm that you have read the notice.
  4. Your smartphone will now unlock with the “Ok Google” command.
  5. If you have not yet used speech recognition, your smartphone first has to get to know the sound of your voice. To do this, you have to say “OK Google” three times in a row. You can then use voice recognition.

The security of your smartphone

Voice recognition is certainly a convenient solution to unlock your smartphone . But you should keep in mind that people who have a voice similar to yours will also be able to unlock them. In addition, if you experience hoarseness or a cold, you will have problems unlocking your Android smartphone.

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