Android Q what’s new? You can expect that

In 2019 the current Android Pie will be replaced by Android Q. This brings new functions to your mobile devices. This includes a system-wide dark mode, 230 new emojis and advanced settings to customize the design of your device. The exact date of publication is not yet known.

The new features of Android Q

Android Q will be released in summer 2019 and brings many new functions. Exactly when you can install the update depends on which device you have. First, the in-house smartphones from Google are equipped, then the top devices from Samsung , HTC and Huawei.

What’s new with Android Q

  1. Dark Mode: The new Android brings a system-wide dark mode, with which all white areas can be displayed in black or gray. This saves battery and is easy on the eyes in low light conditions.
  2. QR code for sharing WiFi passwords: With this practical function, you can generate a QR code that you can use to quickly share your WiFi password with friends and acquaintances.
  3. New design settings: In Android Q, fonts and symbols can also be changed.
  4. Extended gesture control: Starting with Android Q, you get a gesture bar on which possible gestures are shown. You can use it to switch or close open applications, for example.
  5. Native desktop mode: With this function, your Android device can be connected to a monitor. To do this, you need a suitable adapter from HDMI to Mini-USB.
  6. New emojis: The update delivers a total of 230 new emojis. This also includes 53 new gender-neutral symbols.
  7. Control for foldable smartphones: Samsung launched the first foldable smartphone in July 2019. Android Q supports the new possibilities of these devices.

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