Android Q: Status bar icons – functions

Android Q devices have numerous icons that should inform you about the current status of the device. Not all symbols are unique, but it may be important to know what they mean. In addition to the icons, there is no explanation of what the characters say about the system.Date: January 17, 2020

This is what the symbols of the status bar under Android Q mean

If you have an Android Q device, you will always see symbols. These give you an overview of the current status of your device. However, this only makes sense if you know the meaning of the characters. Since some icons are self-explanatory, only the symbols are explained below, the meaning of which is not apparent at first glance.

  1. The symbol with a rectangle and two different sized vertical lines on each side means that the device is set to “Vibration”. All tones are switched off.
  2. If the WLAN symbol is filled in white with an exclamation mark, this means that the WLAN is activated but is faulty. The WiFi sign with a small phone tells you that a WiFi hotspot is active.
  3. The Bluetooth sign with a dark background says that the function is activated. However, if a white background is used, it means that a Bluetooth device is connected to the smartphone.
  4. Two suitcases with a check mark means that several updates have recently been completed in the Google Play Store.
  5. An icon with an image and a warning sign indicates that the screenshot taken could not be saved.

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