Android: How to conduct a conference call

A special conference service is no longer possible for calls with several participants. Because Android has integrated the function from the start. Read how to make a conference call.

Telephone instead of VoIP: conferences are also possible with Android.

Good news: Not only the latest top devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are capable of conference calls, as the feature has been around for a long time.

Android: start teleconferencing – how it works

Android conference calls follow this pattern:

  1. Call the first person and wait for them to answer the call.
  2. Then tap the icon with the handset and the plus sign to call another person. The first call is put on hold.
  3. Once the second person has answered the call, tap the up arrow icon. This will bring the calls together.

With this procedure you can add more participants. The “Manage conference call” option is available to you at any time, which you can use to remove individual participants, for example.If you end the call completely, the conference is closed for all participants because your connection was the host for the session.

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