The idea of ​​getting some kind of benefit beyond health by doing sports is tempting, but how many steps is a sweatcoin?
How many steps are a sweatcoin

The rise of Sweatcoin is being quite remarkable this summer and more and more users are looking to get rewards with the daily count of their steps. Seeing how the balance of sweatcoins grows is always nice, especially if we take our mobile everywhere and not only have it activated during our training routines, but there are doubts about how many steps are a sweatcoin , something key to make our calculations.

According to the application itself on its website, the current conversion rate in the step count is one sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps . Therefore, a person who takes an average activity of 10,000 steps a day can get up to 10 sweatcoins at the end of the day. By accumulating sweatcoins you will be able to find several offers in the application store to get products or services online such as a free three-month subscription to Apple Music, but in general we will not be able to redeem it every day, but we will have to accumulate sweatcoins from gradually to be able to access better rewards.

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The fact that the app has implemented its own internal currency complicates the math a bit, but if we really want to know how many sweatcoins a euro is , we’ll have to do some math on our end . So far, the app does not offer the option to directly exchange sweatcoins for cash (unless you are part of its influencer program ), but in the store we can get an idea.

For example, a face spray from Danish brand BeYou Skin Care is currently on offer for 80 sweatcoins. On its website we can see how that same product costs 38.70 euros. This would mean that each sweatcoin is equal to 0.48 euro cents, and therefore one euro would be 2.08 sweatcoins .

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This conversion is not fixed and varies slightly between articles, so it is convenient to take accounts with each offer. Recently, Sweatcoin has temporarily added wireless headphones to its virtual store for 200 sweatcoins . On the Next Ear Buddies website, those same headphones can be found for $76.61 (reduced from an original price of $86.19). In this case, the sweatcoins are valued at 38 euro cents and one euro would be 2.63 sweatcoins (2.32 if the headphones were not on sale).

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The sweat cryptocurrency is scheduled to launch this summer, which will allow Sweatcoin users to convert their sweatcoins with a 1-1 ratio. For now it is a mystery to know the real valuation of this future cryptocurrency, since it will depend on many factors: the trust it arouses, the reception of its users, the speculation that is made with it transforming it into other more established cryptocurrencies, etc. At the moment, the value of the real sweatcoin ranges between 30 and 50 euro cents , depending on the offers that have been analyzed.


The main concern of many users who have seen in this application an extra source of income is knowing how many steps I have to take to start earning money with Sweatcoin . The application does not offer the option to withdraw cash to its users, so earning money is not an activity that we can carry out, unless you register as a Sweatcoin influencer and promote it on your social networks. In this case, you will be able to receive cash rewards that you can direct directly to your bank account through Wise or to your PayPal account.

By the time the sweat cryptocurrency enters the market (something scheduled for July), it is likely that many users will decide to convert their sweatcoins to end up getting real money . From the moment you download the application and configure the step count also indoors, the balance begins to grow, so the steps necessary to earn money will depend on you. Remember the conversion rate: 1,000 steps = one sweatcoin .

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