5 tricks to survive in Survivor.io


If you are wondering if you would survive a zombie apocalypse, Survivor.io is for you. This is a game for Android and iPhone in which the walking dead are after you , so your goal is to survive for as long as possible. The longer you last, the more numerous and dangerous the zombies will be that will try to devour you. To better repel the zombie hordes, we tell you 5 tricks to survive in Survivor.io .


settle the stick

In Survivor.io your character shoots automatically, so your only concern is to move, you won’t have to think too much, like in Plants vs Zombies 3 for example. The movement stick is not placed on a specific part of the screen, but where you press with your finger. For this reason, at the beginning of the game place your finger in a place where your vision is not obstructed . A recommended place is the lower corner of the screen.


take advantage of breaks

You will always have zombies chasing you, but the intensity of the chase will not always be the same. Sometimes you will be chased by more zombies and sometimes by less. Take advantage of these intensity breaks to plan your strategy or search for items. Move around the map and explore during these short “rest” seconds.

A bite is better than hope

At the halfway point of the 5 tricks to survive in Survivor.io we have a difficult decision. When surrounded, it is sometimes safer to escape through an exit with a single zombie, which will bite us 100% but we will survive , than to attempt an epic escape through an infested exit, with a 1% chance that no zombie bites us but another 99 % to be eaten.

Attack them if you are well armed

In this game you will occasionally benefit from upgrades that will deal more damage. These buffs don’t last very long, so if you have them, go on the attack . The zombies are going to chase you throughout the game, so you are going to have to face them. At least take them on when you’re better armed.

move all the time

The last of the 5 tricks to survive in Survivor.io is to move all the time. Standing still won’t help you because zombies will surround you, you won’t accumulate green points and you won’t pick up items either. It is true that on rare occasions it is better to stay still to accumulate kills in an area, but for the rest of the game it is best to move.

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