To use WhatsApp it is MANDATORY to register with a valid mobile phone number, to which WhatsApp sends a code (by SMS or call) that you must enter in the application to complete the registration. As a WiFi tablet without chip or SIM does not … [Keep Reading …]

For security reasons, Android blocks the installation of non-Play Store applications. In other words, to prevent you from falling victim to an APK infected with viruses or malware, the best-known lock is the one that comes pre-activated in the settings of … [Keep Reading …]

Archon Custom Runtime is an extension for the desktop version of Google Chrome, created by the independent developer “Vladikoff”. It works as an environment in said browser, where you can run Android applications or APKs. The only one … [Keep Reading …]

Until December 2019, the Play Store registered 2.9 million apps and games available, just behind the Apple App Store, which had close to 4 million. It is probably the largest content store for Android devices. … [Keep reading…]

APK (Android Application Package or, in Spanish, Android packaged application) is the installable file of an Android application or game. By analogy, it is similar to the .EXE file of a Windows program. Technically, … [Continue Reading …]

An APK is the “installable” file of an Android application. This type of files can be installed from the mobile itself, previously activating the installation from unknown sources, or also from a PC. In this last case you have two … [Keep Reading …]

In the link below you can download the free installable APK of the Google Play Store application for Android. It is the latest version of Google Play Store available so far. The APK offered here is 100% safe because it comes … [Keep Reading …]

To play YouTube in the background or with the screen off you have two options. The paid alternative is YouTube Premium and the free one are the tricks we mention here or choose to install an unofficial APK. In case you don’t know, the … [Keep Reading …]

There are several ways to get something from Spotify Premium for free on both Android and PC. We tell you about some of the APKs that circulate on the web and their disadvantage, as well as tricks to avoid advertising and the limitation of jumps between … [Keep Reading …]

An Android device can be “damaged” if you install any application that you find out there on the Internet, without previously checking it. This is especially true when you intend to run APK installers. In fact, when trying to do this … [Keep Reading …]

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