Why you need to clean your IQOS and how to do it right

Disinfection IQOS

Recently widespread devices called IQOS allow smoking almost anywhere – in cafes, on the train and in other places where ordinary cigarette smoking is prohibited. Although they use ordinary cigarettes of a reduced diameter – sticks, they do not emit smoke when smoking, so that the law is not violated.

Cleaning your IQOS properly

This is possible due to the fact that the cigarette in IQOS does not burn in the usual way, with the release of smoke, and the tobacco is heated to a temperature of about 350 degrees using an electric heater. This temperature is not enough for the formation of open fire and smoke, moreover, no harmful resins are formed. However, the smoker gets his share of the nicotine.

The IQOS device operates on its own battery, the charge of which is enough to smoke one cigarette, and then it must be placed in a portable charger for recharging. But its use does not end there, because it also requires regular cleaning.


Why you need to clean your IQOS

What happens if IQOS is not cleaned or if you have to, but still continue to use it? Nothing good will come of it. A cigarette stick is inserted into the holder and tobacco inevitably spills out of it – albeit a few grains, but still it happens. Also, the holder can accumulate other debris, which many have in their pockets, as well as ordinary dust.

IQOS device

Since tobacco is heated using an electric heater, it is gradually covered with a layer of carbon deposits from burnt debris and tobacco. Although its temperature is not sufficient for the emergence of fire, soot will still form.

What happens if you don’t clean your IQOS on time? Various troubles:

  • The taste of cigarettes changes, and not for the better.
  • The heater cannot heat the tobacco to the required temperature, but the electronics force it to do so. As a result, IQOS spends more energy and the battery discharges faster. It begins to be lacking for the calculated puff time, which is why various software failures are possible.
  • Debris that accumulates and gets inside the device may cause various breakdowns. For example, IQOS stops charging in the charger. Due to overheating of the heater, deformations of internal parts and malfunctions of electronic components may occur.

Leftover tobacco in IQOS

In general, in the absence of proper care, even such a simple device as IQOS can present many unpleasant surprises at any time. Of course, this leads to a reduction in its service life, that is, this gadget can finally break down at any time.

How often should IQOS be cleaned

You can find out how often you need to clean your IQOS from the instructions. But few people read it until something breaks, so remember that you need to do this at least once a week. If you use the gadget very often, then cleaning, respectively, should be done more often. By doing this, you extend its service life, and do not harm it.

Cleaning your IQOS with automatic heating

Since IQOS needs to be cleaned quite often, manufacturers have provided such a function as automatic cleaning. For this, there is a special button and indicator on the body of the charger.

If you put your IQOS in the charger and press the button, the device turns on the heating of the heater. Due to this, all accumulated debris and partially formed carbon deposits are burned out. At the end of the process, the indicator goes out, but the holder battery is discharged. The charger automatically recharges it.

IQOS automatic cleaning

This method can sometimes be used, but it cannot completely replace manual cleaning, which gives much better results. They need to be combined.

Using the IQOS Cleaning Brush

This stage should be started after the previous one – automatic, when the heater has completely cooled down. For cleaning, the brushes are used, which are included in the kit – short and long. They are located on special caps that connect and can be conveniently carried in a pocket or bag.

Removing tobacco residues

How do I clean my IQOS properly? First, remove the protective cap from the holder and insert a long brush instead. With the help of rotary movements this brush removes carbon deposits from the heater itself.

Cleaning IQOS with a brush

A short brush is used to clean the inside of the protective cap. It is used in a similar way. After that, you need to shake out all the debris that has collected inside the cap.

This procedure takes a little time, especially if you do it regularly and do not wait until the gadget gets very dirty. After that, the brushes are again connected into a single block and removed until the next time. From time to time, these brushes need to be rinsed with water and dried completely.

Cleaning the cap with a cotton swab

IQOS Cleaning Brushes and Wipes

Special ear brushes that look like cotton swabs are sold separately. They are impregnated with a special compound that can easily remove carbon deposits formed on the walls. They can be used to clean the bottom and sides of the holder, but they cannot be used to wipe the heating element itself.

After cleaning with a brush, the remaining debris can be shaken out and the holder blown out. Alcohol wipes can also be used to create an external gloss. They do not wipe anything inside with them, only outside. And the gadget will look like new.

IQOS Cleaning Tools

Removing the remains of tobacco sticks

The tobacco that spills out of cigarettes can get anywhere and get stuck in various small crevices, for example, in the latch of the cap. To remove it, there is a special hook on a long brush – they can pick up the stuck debris and get it out.

After cleaning or in the process, you can shake out small particles of tobacco by gentle shaking. But the heating element itself is too thin and delicate part, and it should not be touched with any tools. If it is too dirty or the shower requires a perfect shine, then it is better to clean it at a service center.

Disinfection IQOS

IQOS must be disinfected periodically

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