Find out the reasons why you can’t share TikTok videos
Why won't TikTok let me share videos?

In TikTok, in addition to uploading our own content, we can also share what other users publish. If you have come this far because you cannot carry out this action, you will wonder why TikTok does not let me share videos? We give you the reasons below.

Currently, TikTok has more than 800 million active users worldwide who connect to the platform every month. In the case of Spain, this app already exceeds 8 million users, of which 41% are between 16 and 25 years old and spend about 43 minutes a day using the application.

TikTok opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to posting short videos and it is also a network that does not escape curiosities . If there is one thing that TikTok users like, it is viewing and sharing videos that stand out for their originality or for any other reason .

Sometimes, the app does not allow us to broadcast or send these videos to our contacts. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering, why won’t TikTok let me share videos? We give you the answer below. Let’s see what are the most common factors that prevent this action.

  • Private Account Video . If the video you want to share comes from a private account, you will not be able to share it with other users within the platform or outside it, since access is restricted to only the contacts that person has accepted.
  • Slow or unstable connections . One of the common cause for the question of why TikTok won’t let me share videos has to do with connection issues. If you are in a place without internet or with poor network quality, the app will not let you share videos.
  • Outdated version of TikTok. If you have an old version of TikTok, many of its functions may not work as they should, including the one that allows you to share videos. It is best to update it from your device’s app store.


In the previous section we have answered the question why TikTok does not let me share videos. If your situation is this: I cannot share TikTok videos on WhatsApp, how do I do it , follow the steps that we propose below.

To share TikTok videos on WhatsApp , the first thing you have to do is check two things: that you have a good internet connection and that the video you want to share is public. Taking this into account, what you should do is enter the TikTok video and click on the arrow that you have on the right side of the screen. Then choose the WhatsApp app. When this application opens you can share the video in your status by choosing “My status” or select any contact to send it to.

Why won't TikTok let me share videos?


If your question does not have so much to do with why TikTok does not let me share videos, but what you need is to know how to share TikTok videos on TikTok , that is, content from another user in your account on the platform itself, we will explain how to do it below.

To share TikTok videos on TikTok, go into the app and then find the video you are going to share in the app itself. Once you have it, click on the arrow on the right, the same one that is used to share in other apps and then choose “save video”. After a few seconds you will have the video saved in the gallery. Now click on the + icon at the bottom center of the screen. Then choose “upload” and select the TikTok video you saved in the gallery. Now click on “Next” and finally publish it so that all your contacts on the platform can see it.

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