The catalog continues to shrink and subscribers want to know why HBO Max series and movies have disappeared. These are the reasons.
Why HBO Max series and movies have disappeared

Where is Everything Else ? What happened to Foodie love ? More and more subscribers are coming to social networks asking why HBO Max series and movies have disappeared . The catalog of this streaming platform is only shrinking, and the news that the Batgirl movie will not even be released despite being in post-production has raised even more concern about the immediate future of HBO Max.

The merger of Warner Bros (parent company of HBO Max) and Discovery on April 8 gave rise to Warner Bros Discovery , a new giant in the world of audiovisual content. At the forefront of the merger is David Zaslav (Discovery) in charge of piloting the new stage, marked by the objective of achieving annual savings of 3,000 million dollars to alleviate a total debt of 43,000 million , which has meant a large number of layoffs in the company.

Within these adjustments, one of the big losers is the streaming platform HBO Max , whose original production in Europe was stopped on July 4. Although in Spain the filming of series such as Por H or por B or ‘¡García!’ –the latter will be released in the fall-, several titles have been discreetly disappearing from the catalogue, something that has not gone unnoticed by subscribers.

Why have series and movies disappeared from HBO Max 1

The HBO Max catalog has also been discreetly reducing its American titles. Variety reported that the films An American Pickle , Charm City Kings , Locked Down , Moonshot , The Witches and Superintelligence are no longer available to stream , despite starring A-list stars like Anne Hathaway and Seth Rogen. None of these withdrawals from the catalog have been announced by HBO Max, leaving it to the viewers to realize what happened.


And now what happens? How can I watch the series that have disappeared from HBO Max without prior notice? Warner Bros Discovery is planning a presentation this Thursday, August 4, detailing the steps it plans to take with HBO and HBO Max. Grace Randolph, the creator of the YouTube channel Beyond the trailer , pointed out that HBO Max may be included in Discovery Plus, Discovery’s streaming service .

The priority that David Zaslav gives to Discovery products over Warner Bros after the merger is evident, and it remains to be seen if the disappeared films and series end up reappearing soon under the Discovery Plus umbrella. Speculation about the HBO Max catalog has even led to the possibility of this content ending up on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service , something that will be cleared up after the presentation of Warner Bros’ plans Discovery.

Why have series and movies disappeared from HBO Max 2

The great losers of all these movements are the spectators and followers of the disappeared films and series. On the JustWatch website, users can search for series and movie titles to discover which platform they can be viewed on . In the event that a title is not available in any of them, as is happening with the works already mentioned in the article, all that remains is to wait for their future reappearance to be able to see them without having to resort to other illegal alternatives that violate property rights. intellectual.

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