Sometimes the WhatsApp chat shows the blurry photos and we see the blurry preview. Here we decipher what it is due to and how to avoid it.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, since it has more than 2 billion users. Its ease of sending text and downloading audio and photos have made it an essential app. However, many users wonder why WhatsApp photos look blurry , something that has a simple explanation.

As indicated by the platform itself on its official page , a photo is blurred when WhatsApp cannot locate it on your device or SD card . In practice it means that when you delete the photo, WhatsApp can no longer display it even though it knows when and who sent it, which only allows it to show a blurry preview. Although the first thing is to check that we have actually downloaded the image, because sometimes we find ourselves without coverage and we cannot download it. If we do not have the application configured to automatically download the images, they will be blurred until we download them.


Sometimes the answer to why WhatsApp photos are not seen lies in the permissions we grant to the application. WhatsApp needs us to allow you to use images . Without this permission we will not be able to view the images sent by our contacts, save them in the gallery or send them. I mean, as in what was mentioned above, we will hardly see a blurred preview when moving through the chat. Before worrying we should check the following.

When installing WhatsApp, it will request permission to use images. If we deny it, we will have to grant it manually. This is done from the phone settings. Within the settings menu of our phone, we must go to the applications submenu and choose WhatsApp. Within the privacy options of the application, we grant you permission to receive and save photos , or access the ones we already have, from the mobile storage.

The settings menu varies depending on the phone model or operating system, but generally inside we have an “Applications” submenu where we can modify the permissions of each app that we have installed. We simply have to select WhatsApp and grant it permission to manipulate photos .


The million dollar question is why photos lose resolution on WhatsApp. The images sent do not look as clear as on the original device because the platform does not have its own server to store them , that is, they are not stored in any database or cloud outside of our phone. This would allow quality to be preserved but in turn would cause slower, since we would depend on it to connect, so the developers discarded the idea.


However, there is a very simple way to send images through WhatsApp without losing quality: send the image through Document instead of Gallery . This way does not compress the image so that it occupies less and looks worse, as with sending a photograph, so the quality remains intact. In this tutorial we show you step by step how to send a photo without losing quality.


Knowing how to automatically download WhatsApp photos is important because that way we won’t have to manually save each one . Depending on whether you have Android or iOS, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Android : Within WhatsApp click on “More options” and then on “Settings”. Within the latter, tap on “Chats” and activate the option “Show multimedia files in gallery”.
  • iOS : In WhatsApp select “Settings” and then “Chats”. Now you just have to activate “Save in Photos”.

It is impossible to download the same image again, it can only be downloaded once. If you delete it, your contact will need to resend it . On the other hand, WhatsApp recommends Android users to save their photos on an SD card to avoid information saturation on your phone and slow it down.

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