The 140 character limit was forgotten and now the same can happen with the 280 character limit. Find out what Twitter Notes are and what they are for
What are Twitter Notes and what are they for?

In its early days, Twitter displayed the 140-character limitation for writing tweets on its platform. That was forgotten with its duplication to 280 characters… and now the notes arrive. This article will explain what Twitter notes are and what they are for within the new function included in the social network for those users who want to expand without the need to publish threads that – let’s be honest – hardly anyone reads.

Notes will be a new feature that will allow users to bypass all the limitations that once characterized Twitter. With this new tool, a tweeter will be able to share a text of the length they want, also providing multimedia elements such as images or links that lead to other pages. In short, from now on you will be able to have your blog incorporated into Twitter or you will be able to write your complete articles on the social network if you dedicate yourself to the world of writing professionally.

This new feature comes to Twitter after threads have become fashionable . Users who wanted to explain a topic in depth often link several consecutive tweets, creating veritable ramblings. There are external tools that allow you to group all the tweets in a thread and even Twitter Blue acquired one of these APIs to integrate it into its premium service. However, this was an inconvenience for the author of the threads, who will now be able to write everything in a single post.

What are Twitter Notes and what are they for 1

It remains to be seen if the reader welcomes this new possibility with open arms , since one of the secrets of the success (at least initially) of Twitter was its ability to offer short texts that summarize a main message in a few words.


Those interested in knowing how to use Twitter notes instead of writing texts in several tweets will have to wait a bit. The new feature is still in the testing phase and Twitter has only enabled it for a limited number of users of the social network. Some of these users have already shared screenshots that give us an idea of ​​how to use notes and write long texts on Twitter without having to open a thread.

The location of the notes seems clear that it will be located in the side menu bar, below the Moments function , and in its English version it is called ‘Write’. It will be locatable by the icon of an agenda with a pencil.

What are Twitter Notes and what are they for 2

Once you click on that icon, the application will guide you to the screen where you can start writing your note. Users will be able to interact with it as if it were a normal tweet , so writers and journalists should not fear losing interaction when posting a Twitter note.

What are Twitter Notes and what are they for 3

These clues that we are obtaining about Twitter Notes are not definitive (in fact, its name in Spanish seems to be Texts ), far from it. Twitter is still testing new modifications and getting feedback from users who do have the feature available in their apps, so it shouldn’t surprise us that the final design is slightly different from what we’re already seeing in the screenshots.


Obviously, no matter how much the limit is increased, it is unfeasible for Twitter to allow us to write a quixotic work of thousands of pages. What is the limit of Twitter notes? The platform ensures that it will allow a maximum of 100 characters in the headline of the note and in the body of the note it will be possible to reach 2,500 words. The quantum leap from the current 280 characters to the notes (estimated to be five pages at 12 font size) will be remarkable.

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