Which devices have eSIM? Overview of all information

Embedded SIM or eSIM for short is a new SIM card format for smartphones and tablets. Find out what distinguishes the new SIM card from the classic mobile phone cards and get an overview of all devices that are already equipped with the new technology.

eSIM: You need to know about the new SIM card format

Unlike the classic SIM cards, the new eSIM cards are fixed and integrated into the mobile devices ex works.

  • The new format has several advantages. For example, you no longer have to be careful to get a suitable SIM card for your smartphone or tablet.
  • The cards are activated using an activation code, which you can request from your mobile operator.

Overview of eSIM devices

Since eSIM is still relatively new, there are currently only a few devices that have the technology.

  • Apple installed eSIM technology for the first time in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The current iPhone 11 series is also equipped with the new SIM format. In addition to the smartphones, the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 and the iPad Pro from 2018 also have eSIM.
  • Google has been equipping its smartphones with eSIM since Pixel 3.
  • The new Samsung Galaxy S20 models are also the first Samsung smartphones to be equipped with the new SIM format. In addition to the Galaxy S20, the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 eSIM also support.

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