What to buy on 11.11 sale: Bluetooth headphones and speakers


Choosing headphones , as for me, is even more difficult than a new smartphone. If in the case of smartphones, the choice usually narrows down to 1-2 models that are suitable in price, design and characteristics, then this does not work with headphones – there are so many of them. Especially when it comes to models from the true wireless segment, which almost completely ousted all other solutions from the market. However, this does not mean that you need to take the first “ears” that come across. Rather, the opposite is true. You just need to thoroughly figure out what is worthy of your attention and what is not.


Looking for something musical? We have a wide selection for you

Choose your headphones wisely. Therefore, for a start, it is better to define your needs and answer your question: what do I expect from a new accessory? Because in each case, the recommendations may differ so much that they will not closely coincide with each other. But it is equally important to choose the time to buy. The 11.11 sale on Aliexpress is the best fit.


Inexpensive noise canceling headphones

Onyx prime

Apollo Air is one of the most affordable noise canceling headphones available

If you are not used to making compromises and want your headphones to do everything similar to the AirPods Pro, but cost more sane money, Tronsmart’s Apollo Air is for you. These are some of the best headphones in the lineup with the widest range of features:

  • Active noise cancellation up to 35 dB;
  • 10mm graphene driver;
  • Environment Mode (similar to Transparency in AirPods Pro);
  • Qualcomm AptX codec support;
  • Six built-in microphones;
  • Bluetooth 5.2;
  • Dust and moisture protection according to the IP45 standard;
  • Autonomy – 5/20 hours of playback;
  • Instant pairing with your phone;
  • Warranty – 18 months.

Buy Apollo Air

What I love about the Apollo Air headphones is their adequacy. The manufacturer offers highly functional headphones at an unusually reasonable price. At the 11/11 sale, they will cost just $ 44.51, or just 3,000 rubles. For this money, you will receive not only a high-quality headset, which, thanks to 6 microphones, will provide a crystal clear connection, but also an excellent solution for listening to music with active noise reduction.

Budget headphones for music


Onyx Prime – the first dual-driver TWS earbuds on the market

Apollo Onyx Prime is the best choice for those looking to buy TWS earbuds without a bow that would not stick out beyond the auricle. These are the first dual-driver headphones on the market, allowing them to deliver better sound quality than their counterparts. And the special shape of the accessory will allow them to be more invisible in wearing than solutions with a bow. But these are not all the advantages of headphones:

  • Processor – Qualcomm QCC3040
  • AptX codec support;
  • Bluetooth 5.2;
  • Noise reduction in talk mode;
  • Autonomy 7/40 hours of playback;
  • Frequency support 10 Hz – 25 kHz
  • Fast pairing with a smartphone;
  • Low Latency support for gaming.

Buy Apollo Onyx Prime

At the 11.11 sale, Apollo Onyx Prime headphones can be purchased for $ 43.99, or about 3,000 rubles. Despite being nearly identical in price to the Apollo Air, the Onyx Prime is good even without Active Noise Cancellation. That only is a two-driver system for better sound quality and almost doubled autonomy. A great option for sports and city use.

What headphones to buy for gaming

For some reason, it is generally accepted that TWS headphones are a solution either for athletes or for those who actively move around the city during the day. They say they do not rub, are lightweight and generally very comfortable. But for some reason, no one thinks about gamers who are really much more comfortable playing not in on-ear headphones, under which everything sweats, but in ordinary TWS. True, the solution from Tronsmart cannot be called quite ordinary.

Gaming Headphones

Who Said Gaming Headphones Should Be Over-Ear?

Tronsmart Battle headphones have been specially designed for fans of games who are guided not only by the image, but also by the sound. Therefore, Tronsmart engineers have done a great job to reduce the delay, bringing it to zero. Despite this, the sale price of the headphones will be only $ 22, or 1,500 rubles. But the advantages of headphones don’t end there:

  • Exclusive 13mm driver for quality sound
  • External lighting to create a playful mood;
  • Ergonomic design for extended wear;
  • Special game mode with volumetric sounding of scenes;
  • Autonomy – 5/20 hours of music and games playback;
  • Snap-on anti-stress charging case
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0 for fast connection.

Buy Tronsmart Battle

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

But headphones are not a story for everyone. Many people prefer to listen to music not through individual playback means, but, say, through speakers. So the sound will be much more cheerful, and not one person, but a whole group of people will be able to enjoy the music, which is especially important at parties.

Splash 1

Splash 1 is IPX4 water resistant

If you need a portable speaker that you can take with you outdoors, on a visit or somewhere else, you can choose Tronsmart Splash 1. This is a compact but rather powerful 15W speaker with a autonomy of 24 hours, producing stereo sound using DS technology. Despite its small size, it sounds like a full-fledged stereo speaker with higher power, has excellent high and midrange frequencies, and copes with bass quite well.

Buy Tronsmart Splash 1

Thanks to the proprietary Tronsmart application for mobile platforms, the speaker receives support for TrueWireless Pairing technology. To connect it to your smartphone, just bring it to the speaker and the connection will be established automatically. And since Splash 1 costs only $ 22, its purchase will not place a heavy burden on your wallet, leaving only the joy of purchasing it.

Which speaker to buy in 2021

It goes without saying that Splash 1 is a compact transport solution. But it is clearly not worth counting on the highest sound quality capable of pumping a large room. For this purpose, you need something more powerful. For example, Tronsmart Mega Pro. This speaker has an output power of 60W , which is quite a lot. The same amount is given by Yandex.Station Max, which costs 18k versus 5.5k, which is asked for Mega Pro. But this is not the limit.


The base power of the Mega Pro is 60W, but it can be stereo paired with another similar speaker for a 120W audio system.

If you wish, you can connect two Tronsmart Mega Pros into a stereo pair, getting a 120-watt setup at the output that will pump not just your living room, but an entire floor and even more. With a pair of Tronsmart speakers, you can arrange real discos, including in nature. It is unlikely that any other speaker or even a pair of speakers will be able to produce such a sound.

Buy Tronsmart Mega Pro

While the Mega Pro is a portable speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours, it is not designed for rugged outdoor use. Because there is no protection from water, like Splash 1, here. But she doesn’t need it. After all, you are unlikely to listen to music in the water or in the pouring rain. Even if there is such a desire, it is better to overcome it.

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