Find out what the message “reception transport” means in Shein
What does "transport reception" mean in Shein?

Shein is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, especially for its low-priced clothing. When placing an order on Shein it is important to be aware of all computer messages. In this regard, today we tell you what “transport reception” means at Shein.

Online trading is here to stay. Aliexpres, Zalando or Shein bill a large amount of money for their sales on the network. In the case of Shein, what has made this platform so popular is the wide variety of products it offers on its platform and the vast majority at a very low price. So you can find from a t-shirt at 3.75 euros, a mobile phone case at 0.99 cents …

All this is enhanced with great discounts and promotions. For example, on your first order you already get three euros off the basket, but afterwards you can continually use coupons of up to 20% off, so even if the package takes several weeks, for many people the wait is worth it. the low price paid. As in all low-priced e-commerce platforms, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of buying on Shein. Thus, in this link you can find out about aspects that you must take into account before placing an order.

When you place an order on Shein, the platform informs you of the delivery process to your address. It is important that you know all the terms that are indicated in the messages so that you know if at a certain moment the package has been withheld or is still being sent. Next, we will tell you what “reception, transport” means in Shein.

Once you place the order and pay for it, Shein operators prepare the order. When it leaves the Shein warehouses and is in the process of arriving at the transport agency, which is the one that will take it to your home, this is what “transport reception” means at Shein. What this message confirms is that the order has left the point of origin.


In the previous section, you have already seen what “transport reception” means at Shein, but you may also be wondering which transport company Shein works with in Spain . Next, we explain it to you.

The first thing you should know is that the shipments made by Shein are not in charge of a single company , but rather the company works with different specialized parcel organizations that operate in our country. When you track your package through your personal account within the Shein application, you will be able to see which company will be in charge of delivering your order to your address.



One of the biggest questions users have when it comes to delivery time is how long does the status take in transit on Shein ? The solution to this issue depends on several factors as we tell you below.

The transit status of an order on Shein is closely related to the shipping method you have chosen when purchasing the order. Shein has four shipping methods: standard shipping, collection point, economy shipping and express shipping. In addition, you must take into account that the processing of the order in the Shein warehouses takes from one to three days.

Standard shipping to Spain has a transit time of approximately 15 to 19 days, while shipping to the Collection Point can take between 14 and 18 days. Economy shipping takes 23-30 days and express shipping takes 10-13 days but has additional costs.  

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