What are the backrooms and what are their coordinates to find them on Google Maps


The Internet is infested with dark legends and mysterious phenomena. One of them is the backrooms, decrepit labyrinths from which it is practically impossible to escape. If you have never heard of them, we will explain what backrooms are and what their coordinates are to find them on Google Maps , if you dare, of course.

What are backrooms? It is an urban legend born on the Internet. They are labyrinthine corridors inhabited by monsters that persecute those who enter them . They don’t have to be dark or gloomy places , since they can be illuminated offices or houses, but there is something in them that is sullen and paranormal, like a glitch in the Matrix. They originated through images and stories posted on 4chan or Reddit.

Their popularity led them to more mainstream platforms, such as Twitter, TikTok or Google Maps. It is in the latter where many users have located real backrooms. Now that you know what backrooms are, we bring you the coordinates so you can get into them.

How to find backrooms on Google Maps

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find backrooms on Google Maps. To find them you must enter in Maps the coordinates that we indicate . Don’t expect to see monsters, but do expect places with a strange aura that you wouldn’t want to visit alone. We show you 3 reliable ones.


34º42’03″N135º49’16″E : This backroom was one of the first to become popular. These are two twin buildings similar to a power plant. He rose to fame in this Reddit thread . As in most, it is currently impossible to enter, but we can see the photos that other users have left on their Google Maps page.

37º02’11.1″N 121º52’44.0W : In this extensive forest, located in the interior of California, we can find images of the backroom that it supposedly contains. The first image is especially revealing, it looks like a garage but with sullen silhouettes stalking us.

25°50′43″N 81°40′52″W : It is not strictly a backroom, but it is a strange place that seems to come from another dimension. It is made up of several stacked domes in the water of an Australian coast, which is beautiful but paradoxical. You can access it without problems.

As you can see, they contain a lot of imagination. The theory that Google Maps eliminates those images that can reveal secrets is also added . Backrooms are one of the best-known creepypastes, or horror stories. We have told you what the backrooms are and what their coordinates are to find them on Google Maps, but every so often, new mysterious coordinates appear.

How to enter coordinates in Google Maps

Finally we show you how to enter coordinates in Google Maps so you can visit the backroom, or any other place, and share the exact address of a location. The procedure is identical on Android and iPhone .

Open the Google Maps app and type, or paste, the coordinates into the top search bar . When they are typed, tap on enter, which will be represented as a blue magnifying glass on the keyboard. You will automatically be redirected to the written coordinates.


The coordinates are formed by the latitude and longitude of the location with respect to the equator and the meridian of the Earth. They are two numbers made up of several figures, although their format can change. In Google Maps we can use these formats (we include examples):

  • Decimal degrees (DD) : 41.40339, 2.17407
  • Degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS) : 41º24’15.6″S 3º22’25.5″W
  • Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM) : 4 32.2938, 3 14.2837

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