The best channels to watch the Barcelona game for free on Telegram


Telegram is one of the messaging applications that has channels where messages are broadcast to large audiences. These channels are of all kinds and in them you can find specialized content. If you like football and you’re a great Barça fan, today we bring you the best channels to watch the Barcelona game for free on Telegram.

With more than 700 million users worldwide, Telegram is not only one of the best-known instant messaging platforms, but thanks to its groups and channels it has become a huge repository of information where it is possible to find practically any type of content.  

What began as an application mainly focused on speed and security for users, has grown and in these 9 years of operation it has become one of the 5 most downloaded apps in the world. In addition, Telegram already has a paid version that offers greater benefits and includes extra features.

One of the tools that Telegram users like the most are the channels. There are thousands of them within the platform with very different content of all kinds. For sports fans, there are plenty of specialized Telegram channels depending on the type and even the competition.

Today we are going to focus on knowing a little more about these channels specialized in sports and specifically in soccer. For those who love football, but especially are fans of Barcelona, ​​today we leave a selection with the best channels to watch the Barcelona game for free on Telegram.

(Warning: At the time of writing this article we have not been able to verify if the content offered by these channels is legal or not. Or if they have the rights to broadcast it. We recommend checking it before watching any game on these channels)

Football TV Live . We start the selection with the best channels to watch the Barcelona match for free on Telegram with this one where you will find Barcelona matches in both the Spanish league and the European Cup. Of course, you must take into account that sometimes the links start working a few minutes before the broadcast.  

UEFA Champions League . If, in addition to the league matches, you want to enjoy all the Barcelona matches in the European Cup, on this channel you will find the broadcasts and also the best summaries.

Live matches . All the matches of the main soccer leagues and Europe can be found on this channel. They also give information about the groups, classifications and signings.  

LiveonSat . In this channel they inform you of the list of channels where you can watch Barcelona matches via satellite. In addition, they tell you if it can be seen through apps. It is a good resource to see all the options to watch any soccer game.


To enter any of these channels and start enjoying the broadcasts, you only need to click on the name of the channel. Then, if you have Telegram installed on your device, the app with the channel will open directly. Finally, click at the bottom where it says “Join” to always have it among your list of channels within the platform.

 Is it safe to watch free matches on Telegram?

You have already seen what are the best channels to watch the Barcelona game for free on Telegram, but now you may be wondering, is it safe to watch free games on Telegram? We answer you below.

If the broadcast of the match is done within the Telegram channel live, it is safe to watch it, but if the channel provides a link to a platform there is always a certain risk whose responsibility is the user himself.

In addition, you need to know that some of the live content that is broadcast on these channels does not respect broadcast rights, so from tuexpertoapps we do not recommend the use of these.

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