Watch videos on iPhone and iPad – alternative to the Video Player app

As a video format, Flash is as good as going out. Thanks to HTML5 you can watch videos without an extension. This already has a positive effect on our mobile devices. On smartphones and tablets, you can easily watch videos without flash.

Now you naturally ask yourself which videos you can watch on iPhone and iPad. Even if there are a number of apps that serve as video players and so other formats are possible, iPhone and iPad naturally also have video formats from the start that can be played without any problems.

Video formats that run on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone or iPad supports three video formats. These are H.264, MPEG-4 video and Motion JPEG. You can always tell which video format it is by the ending. H.264, which also runs under HTML5, can have different extensions.

If your video format is different, it cannot otherwise be played on your iOS device. You would have to convert the whole thing accordingly. An alternative here are the video player apps, which we will briefly cover in the following section.

Alternative: video player app

PlayerXtreme HD from Pentaloop

An alternative if you have a video in another format and want to watch one without conversion is a video player app. There are a number of apps in the iTunes App Store that expand the platform. So there are free and paid apps. The free video player apps are usually slimmed-down versions that can be expanded to the full version via in-app purchase.This could be of interest to you   Our smartphone recommendations for Christmas 2019 – Find out more!

One of the best apps in this genre is undoubtedly PlayerXtreme HD from Pentaloop. With this you can play numerous other video formats on iPhone and iPad. Here is the iTunes App Store:

Of course there are numerous other apps in this area. The video player VLC, which is very popular on the PC, is also available for iOS.

Conclusion: Watch videos on iPhone and iPad

You can watch or play videos on iPhone and iPad in different ways. If you want to watch videos without an app or extension, you have to convert your video into the appropriate video format so that it can be played directly.

As an alternative, an app is also available, which supports other video formats.

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