This APP reveals information about nearby WiFi networks

The “WiFi” option on the cell phone gives you enough information to identify networks around you and connect to the one with the best signal and security. But with the help of an app you can go further and discover things like communication channels (which help you optimize your own WiFi at home), the amount of signal they generate and even browse the manufacturer of the router or its MAC address .

WiFi Collector

This utility, from veteran developer Nirsoft, is perhaps the one that provides the most information about the wireless networks around you. With the exception of being able to see the passwords of those WiFi, in it you can see the following for each listed network:

  • Name.
  • MAC address of the WiFi network (or rather the MAC of the router or modem of that network).
  • Manufacturer of the router or modem.
  • Strength or strength of the wireless signal.
  • Frequency, Channel, Security used and type of encryption (Cypher).
  • BSS type (mode in which connected stations or equipment communicate).
  • Support for WiFi Protected Setup or WPS (with this button on a router you can connect to WiFi without knowing the password).
  • Time you connected.
  • Geographical location (longitude and latitude).

The application identifies the manufacturer of the router based on the first three pairs of characters in the MAC address. If you did not obtain this information, you can do it on your own online. The router model can also be identified based on the remaining three pairs of the MAC, but it is generally more difficult to obtain it as well.


WiFiMan, from Ubitiqui Networks shows you the information immediately without having to export the data or start the service (although this is an advantage of WiFi Collector, because it does not stay in the background consuming battery). It also has other useful functions, such as knowing who is connected to your WiFi, analysis of communication channels and speed test.

Another tool for Android that offers similar information is WiFi monitor. However, unlike the previous ones, this one has advertising.

If you are on a PC with a wireless network adapter, use WiFi Info View, which is the equivalent of WiFi Collector for Windows. It can also show you some more information, such as the name and model of the router in other people’s WiFi (depending on the router), as well as the 802.11 standard that each uses.

Anyone can see the MAC address of my Router ?!

Obviously I just proved it, but there is no reason to worry . You cannot hack a WiFi or even access the router only knowing its MAC address. Even if the username and password of your router were the default (you should change them if so), it is not so easy for someone to enter the configuration page and obtain the password of your WiFi or monitor and manipulate your traffic. Physical access to the equipment is normally required to access its settings.

Download WiFi Collector | Creator’s website

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