Do not miss this selection with the best channels to enjoy the American basketball league

Telegram is one of the applications that makes it easier for us to access content of all kinds through channels. If you are a fan of basketball and do not want to miss the American league, we show you a compilation with the best Telegram channels to watch NBA basketball for free.

With more than 700 million users worldwide, Telegram is one of the mobile applications that is gaining more and more popularity. This platform is one of the five most downloaded in the world and from time to time presents new features and also in its versions, such as the recent announcement of the arrival of Telegram Premium.

One of the coolest features in this app is its channels. In the channels, messages can be disseminated to large audiences and many of them contain information on a subject in question. So there are series channels, movies, bets, bargains and among the thousands of channels there are also sports channels. In them you can find out about sports news, transfers, the best images of matches, but you can also enjoy sports broadcasts completely free of charge.

In this sense, one of the competitions that has more followers is the NBA. The American league has squads of players where the great basketball stars who are capable of flying over the hoop play. If you don’t want to miss anything from the best basketball league in the world, don’t miss this compilation with the best Telegram channels to watch NBA basketball for free.

  • Sports24.Live .  We begin the selection of the best Telegram channels to watch NBA basketball with this one where you can also enjoy other sports such as Formula 1, MotoGP, UFC or WWE. The channel is updated every day when there is a sports competition
  • Sports Live Stream . This is a sports stream channel where you will watch the NBA and basketball games from all the leagues in the world for free. In addition, they show information about other sports such as cycling, soccer, etc.  
  • Live NBA. You can find all the live NBA games on this channel of Italian origin along with the broadcast schedules of the games.
  • NBA Live Streaming. Another of the Telegram channels specialized in the broadcasts of the American league.


One of the ways to locate Telegram channels around the NBA, but whose information is in Spanish, is with the terms NBA Spain Live Telegram. If we try this search, there is no channel specifically for NBA sports broadcasts among the results.

We cannot find on Telegram among the results of that search are channels that allude to the NBA Spain channel where they say they uncover alleged scams on that channel. That is if there is a channel with a similar name NBA that shows previews of matches, tips and also bets. This channel is of Dominican origin.


In addition to the best Telegram channels to watch NBA basketball for free, we leave you with another collection of Telegram channels to watch Basketball where you can follow, for example, the Endesa league or any other European league.

  • LIVEONSAT SPORTS .   This channel informs about all sports broadcasts to watch via satellite. Among these sports broadcasts there is no shortage of major league basketball games.
  • Basketball. If you want to keep up to date with all the latest basketball news through videos, this channel is ideal for it.
  • Sports and soccer online . This channel is especially dedicated to football, but there are also live broadcasts of other major sports such as tennis or basketball.  

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