Use this collection of free templates to customize your Gmail emails

Gmail is one of the most used email applications in the world. Today we are going to see a compilation with the best free Gmail templates in Spanish to save time when writing any email.

One of the advantages of using Gmail is the large number of people who arrive , since any user who has a Google account can send and receive messages through this email server.

Writing any email is an important practice, especially in those cases where the image of a brand or professional activity is projected. From Gmail you can personalize the email you send , thus giving it an excellent image.

This customization can be given by default through interesting templates. Today we show you a collection of websites with the best free Gmail templates in Spanish to save time when writing your messages.

  • Gmail Email Templates . We begin the selection of the best free Gmail templates in Spanish to save time with this Chrome extension that what it does is directly add a collection of templates to the browser. They are easy to insert as they come with a complete tutorial.
  • Unlayer. This is another website where you can find some free Gmail templates. You can search a complete catalog to locate those that best fit the sector or topic you are going to write your email about.
  • Here you have more templates for Gmail depending on the sector you are dedicated to and you can also create your own.  

Remember that mail templates are only available in Gmail on the web accessed from the computer. They are not available in the Gmail mobile apps.


If you have already taken a look at the selection with the best free Gmail templates in Spanish to save time, but none of them convince you and you want to know how to create templates in Gmail, follow the steps that we tell you below.

To create your own templates, the first thing you have to do is open the Gmail application and click on “Compose”. Then, in the lead that appears, enter your template text. Next, click on the three dots that appear at the bottom and then choose “Template”. Now click on “Save draft as template” and then click on “Save as new template”. Gmail lets you create up to 50 different templates to use in the app.


Always keep in mind that you must have templates enabled so that they can be created. To enable them, you just have to open Gmail and then click on “Settings” in the upper right and then on “See all settings”. Then go to “Advanced settings” and where it says “Templates” click on enable. Finally, save the changes.

As you have seen, you only have to write the response and then save the email as a template. You can also include your signature. Afterwards, you can open the template and send it again with just a few clicks.


At a certain moment you may have to change some information contained in a template that you have previously created. For that you will need to know how to modify mail templates in Gmail.

To modify templates you just have to open Gmail and click on the “Compose ” button. Then tap on the three dots at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on “Save draft as template” and then click on “Overwrite template”. Finally, choose the template to change and click “Save” to overwrite it.

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