Do not miss this selection of Telegram comic channels with all kinds of genres

Telegram is one of the most interesting messaging applications, also when it comes to spaces specialized in themes such as channels. If you like to read comics, you cannot miss this selection with the best channels to download comics on Telegram .

If there is a well-known application not only for chatting, but also for the extra functions it has, that is Telegram. Also, now Telegram has just announced a paid premium version with exclusive features. In Telegram, in addition to individual or group chats, there are channels where there is specific information about music, movies, series, etc. especially aimed at large audiences. Always keep in mind that many of these channels may contain copyrighted files, so we always recommend that you do not download this type of content. If you are a fan of comics from all eras and in different languages, today we bring you a selection with the best channels to download comics on Telegram.

  • ComicsGram. We start the selection with the best channels to download comics on Telegram with this one that has an interesting collection of American resources. In it you will find a lot of comics from “The Walking Dead”, that is, if you take into account that they are in English.
  • Marvel/DC comics. Another of the channels with interesting content in terms of comics is this. In it you will also find the language for each resource, as well as what it weighs and the format.  
  • Comics and Manga in Spanish. This is one of the most popular channels for comics and manga. It has more than twenty thousand subscribers and in it you can find titles such as “The Avengers”, “Venom”, “Conquests”, etc.
  • Marvel and anime Comic . In this channel you will find a selection of Marvel comic titles and others also related to the anime genre.  


If, in addition to the best channels to download comics on Telegram, you are especially interested in those that have manga resources, we offer you a few channels of Manga comics.

  • Manga and Comics. In this channel you will find manga comics in English of all kinds of genres, from romance, to action, comedy or fantasy.  
  • Comics and Manga in Spanish.  We have included it in the previous section, but since it also has manga comics, we also include this channel in this selection. Remember that it has resources in Spanish.
  • Manga X Comics . This is another channel with Manga comics from all kinds of genres. You will find the resources in PDF format to make it easier to read and download.  
The best channels to download comics on Telegram 2


Among the best channels to download comics on Telegram, you can’t miss the Superhero comics channels , which have thousands of followers both in this genre and in movies and series. Here we propose several of them where the main superheroes are not lacking:

  • Spiderman Comics. If you are a true fan of Spider-Man, you cannot miss this channel that collects comics in Spanish from all eras and also shows images from Spider-Man movies.  
  • Batman Comics . And if instead of being a fan of Spider-Man, you are a fan of the most famous bat along with his friend Robin, you can find all the Batman comics on this channel.
  • Movies and Comics . In this channel you will find, in addition to comics, movies and series with the best-known superheroes on the scene, thus, there is no lack of resources from the Spiderman saga, for example.
  • Superhero comics.  If you are a true fan of comic book characters who are superheroes, you cannot miss this channel where you will find many good quality images of these superheroines.  

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