Do you want to enhance your look or your lips? Discover the best beauty TikTok filters that are succeeding on the social network
The best beauty TikTok filters that are succeeding on the social network

What would social networks be in 2022 without the filters and effects that completely change the appearance of users? Surely they would continue to exist and other functions would be in fashion, but the reality is that the best beauty TikTok filters that are succeeding on the social network continue to generate an unfathomable amount of content and are usually a guarantee of success in accumulating ‘likes’. ‘.


To locate which are the most used beauty TikTok filters for photos , just open the application and see for yourself. Press the ‘+’ icon that you will find in the bottom bar to start the process of publishing a video and then you will see an icon with the name ‘Effects’. By clicking there, you can see in the ‘Trend’ tab what is in fashion and if you use the search engine and type ‘beauty’ (the names of the filters are usually in English), you will find plenty of alternatives.

The best beauty TikTok filters that are succeeding on the social network 1

The most classic filter that is usually used in these cases is the #beautyfilter , and some tiktokers show in their videos how they look with it and without it, so that we can get an idea of ​​how efficient it is.

Among the most successful ones, it is also worth mentioning the #PureEyes filter, which changes the color of your eyes to one between greenish and honey. Of course, many users have ended up changing more than just their eyes, as highlighted in this article.


One of the most successful TikTok makeup filters in recent weeks is the Filter vs Reality effect . With this filter we will see on a split screen how we look with makeup and without makeup at the same time, to see first-hand the difference that these tools can make on social networks.

Another very interesting filter is the #ContourFilter, which can also serve as an aid while you put on makeup, indicating which areas of the face each product should go on. This filter is ideal for influencers who want to post makeup tutorials for their followers.

Do you want to know what you would look like in classic Hollywood? Look for the Old Hollywood Makeup filter and TikTok will automatically transport you to a black and white era where your eyes will stand out above all else .

The best beauty TikTok filters that are succeeding on the social network 2


The lips are one of the parts that attract the most attention… and that we most seek to trick on TikTok. Among the most outstanding TikTok filters for lips, we can mention the #LipFillerFilter, which shows us what our lips would be like with a rather striking excess of hyaluronic acid. #BigLips is another alternative that you can try to have a laugh with your friends.

There are those who want to see themselves with more lips… and also with less. With the #SmallLips filter you can check if smaller lips would be noticeable on your face or not. The vast majority discover that they remain practically the same. A similar filter can also be found by searching for ‘Thin Lips’ .

Finally, the one we do recommend especially for party nights with your friends is the #KissyFilter. With this filter you will see how everyone who approaches your mobile camera will end up pouting and will give rise to many very funny videos.

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