The 7 most expensive apps and games on the Play Store

Currently, the Google Play store allows developers to put the apps and games published there a maximum price of US $ 400. There are applications that have a really high price, but they are not necessarily worth that. Some developers simply play around in the store and place an exaggeratedly high value on their creations, probably to catch some clueless, millionaire, or both.

Among the most expensive apps and games on this list are tools, most of them medical news, antivirus, and even games that fetch a ridiculously high price. Surely you are only reviewing this list out of curiosity, but if you are interested in any app, find out about it and the reviews on Google Play before investing so much money.


7. Katya

most expensive android apps katya

Price: $ 62 . This claims to be a pyramid app for rallies. Apparently it turns out to be useful for the co-pilot of a Rally racer, since it allows entering a series of data to obtain estimates on the sections and the total route of a race. The application is in Spanish and there is a user manual on the website .

6. Dr. Web Security Space Life

most expensive applications android dr web antivirus

Price: $ 75 . An application that apparently does actually sell despite its high price. Dr. Web is a well known and quite popular antivirus. Compared to other antivirus solutions, where you have to pay a similar cost annually, this price is for a license “for life” (watch the quotes). Sounds like a good deal, however you can currently find great free antivirus for Android.

5. Bonney’s Gyn Surgery, 11th Ed

Price: $ 97.20 . An informative resource in English that could interest specialists in Gynecology. The content focuses on surgeries of this type and on “minimizing patient discomfort” using the “sound technique” and “developing good surgical habits.” It offers “diagrams to demonstrate the use of modern instruments and procedures,” which includes laparoscopic techniques.

4. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

Price: $ 99.99 . As its name suggests, it is basically a book with more than 2000 “clinical, morphological, laboratory and radiological images” of common diseases or disorders in people.

It could certainly be worth its price for those who are fluent in English, considering that, according to its description, it is a guide or instructions rich in illustrations of how to follow up and treat sick patients. The app is organized by chapters, including patient history, epidemiology, diagnosis, and follow-up.

Another similar app, Pocker Atlas of ER UltraSound ($ 69.99) provided information on what parts of the human body can be evaluated by ultrasound. It also provided information on how and where to place the evaluating apparatus for the examination. For some reason, this app was removed from Google Play.

3. 5-Minute Sports Medicine

most expensive applications android 5 minute medicine

Price: $ 99.99 dollars . This application offers interesting information about possible physical and health problems that can occur when playing sports. It consists of 280 topics and each one is organized in such a way that it can be read in five minutes. It is developed by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and while it offers important content, most of this information can surely be read online for free.

2. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

Price: $ 107.58 . Virtually another book in English, with “answers to every aspect of pediatric care.” In addition to textual content, it includes high-resolution images and tools to calculate the body mass index, maximum respiratory flow and dehydration.

1. Jahaa Games

Price: $ 378.57 . Jahaa is the name of a developer who sets his games ridiculously high on Google Play, including the most expensive of all, priced at $ 378.57: “Most Expensive Game 2020.” Yes, it is called that and it is only a ship that must avoid the obstacles that appear on the screen. Nothing that a free game from decades ago doesn’t do.

This developer has seven games in total, of which only two are free, including one called “The Most Expensive Auto Racing Online” which has reduced its price from $ 323.89 to zero, perhaps the best deal you see on your lifetime. Seriously, the rest of the games are priced from $ 270 to $ 378 and yes, they are just as basic as the game mentioned above.

In the past, developer Abu Moo did something similar with his six apps worth $ 200 each, whose only function was to just put a gem widget on the home screen. All their apps were removed from Google Play and it would not be unusual for the same to happen with these Jahaa games.

Other expensive apps and games that disappeared from Google Play

Eventually, these apps and games may disappear from Google Play, as others have done in the past, such as pCMapper Db ($ 49), a map maker using drawings, Mobile Accessibility US ($ 99.99), a launcher for blind people who are talking. As you swipe your finger over each option and when the desired option is heard, you double -click to choose, MBE Preparation – e-BarReview ($ 199), a simulation exam to obtain a lawyer’s license in the United States, Deduce Grandmaster Edition ($ 200) a chess-like game where only queen tokens are used and there are only 6 moves available and Peek ($ 248) to “interact with notifications without touching any buttons”, a feature of the ParanoidAndroid ROMs.

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