How to turn on a cell phone WITHOUT a POWER BUTTON

There are several ways to turn on a cell phone without the power button . And also multiple solutions to be able to turn the screen on and off without this button, and in general live without it.

An Android phone can be turned on by the computer, with a specific combination of buttons or even by command line. Once turned on, you can set the volume button to replace the power button, and use apps to control the screen on and off.


Article Index

  1. How to turn on a cell phone without the power button
    1. Press the INTERNAL power button
    2. Power on with PC
    3. Turn on from the recovery or fastboot
    4. Restart by command line
  2. How to live without the power button

How to turn on a cell phone without the power button

Press the INTERNAL power button

If the button itself is missing or has fallen, you can probably turn on the phone by simply inserting a toothpick into the hole hole (VERY CAREFULLY). It is inside where the real button is located. If for some reason you do not have access, you can also try to disassemble the cell phone. On the website they have excellent step-by-step teardown guides.

Power on with PC

Connect the cell phone to the computer with the USB cable. Some devices can be turned on this way.

If it doesn’t turn on by itself, while connecting it to the PC hold down the volume down button until you see a boot menu that allows you to turn it on. In other models it can work by holding the volume down and start button. In the case of modern Samsung Galaxy phones, use the volume up button and the Bixby button, as explained on this page.

Turn on from the recovery or fastboot

Try entering recovery or fastboot mode (or download mode on Samsung devices). These are special starting modes of the cell phone, from where you can select the option to restart the phone.

Entering any of these modes requires pressing a specific button combination (including the power button). However, in some cell phones it is possible to access it without using the power button. You can find out on Google how to enter these modes on your cell phone. A page that also provides this information is

Restart by command line

An Android phone can also be restarted without the power button, by sending a text command from the PC. However, the mobile is normally required to be switched on or in the fastboot mode indicated above. In the first case the command is used adb reboot , and in the second case fastboot reboot . This is done from the ADB program and Fastboot.

How to live without the power button

Once you have managed to turn on the phone, check if it has an option “Programmed start” and activate it. This option will automatically turn on the phone at a certain time, in case you accidentally turn off. You just have to make sure that the cell phone is charged when that time arrives.

A more effective solution is to remap the volume button to work as a power button. Basically you have to modify a file on the Android system where this operation is established. The disadvantage of this method is that you must have root permissions on the phone in order to do it. You can read exactly how it’s done in this XDA forum.

For day to day, that is, to turn the screen on and off without a button , you can use an app. There are several to control this automatically, every time you take or stop using the cell phone. One of the best and most complete is Gravity Screen. A simpler alternative is Screebl. You can also try other apps that handle the screen lock and shutdown using a shortcut.

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