Step-by-step instructions for creating a subscription payment bot in Telegram

What is a paid subscription bot and what is it for?

Paid subscription bot is a way to automate a paid channel or chat in Telegram. The bot can fully automate paid access to the club by subscription, namely: the bot automates user payments for a paid subscription, immediately gives the user an individual link to enter after payment and deletes it at the end of the tariff, reminding in advance of the need to renew access. Also, bots often have ample opportunities to increase sales of a paid subscription – you can make mailings with promotional codes, track analytics by uploading user tables, create landing pages, you can issue a subscription for the required period or delete it, and much more. The main usefulness of paid subscription bots is that the administrator no longer needs to maintain a table of users by tracking subscription expiration dates and accept payments manually. Creating a paid subscription bot is usually

A subscription club is a closed channel and/or chat in Telegram in which the author shares exclusive content. It can be courses, marathons, expert chats, or just valuable information that people are willing to pay money for. Paid subscription clubs are created by producers, tech. professionals or experts. Access to them is usually sold in a free channel or on third-party sites, such as Instagram or Youtube, where a link to a bot is placed to pay for a subscription.

The process of creating a paid subscription bot

  1. Create a bot. To do this, go to @botfather and write /newbot. Next, send the name of the bot corresponding to the name of your project, for example “Paid subscription bot – English course in 90 days” and then the nickname of the bot. According to the rules of Telegram, the link must be exclusively in English letters, without spaces and at the end of “bot” or “_bot”, for example, englishcoursesclubbot. If the name you wrote is taken, try another one. Then copy the received token. Go to the paid subscription bot constructor @vipsub_bot and send the copied value. Your bot will be created within a minute.
  2. Add a channel or chat. Go to the created bot. At this stage, we add private channels and/or chats to which access will be sold. Click “Add Channel” or “Add Group (Chat)”. Then, following the instructions from the bot, add your created bot to the Administrators of your paid channel or chat with the specified rights.
    After successful addition, you will see an inscription that the resource has been added and click “Next stage” (or add more paid resources).

    The paid channel or chat that we add must be of the “Private” type so that users can receive an invitation link to enter only after paying for the subscription and cannot share it with anyone else.

  3. Create rates. You can name the rate according to the term or according to the content. For example “Access for 1 week” “Access for a month”. It is also possible to create a Trial tariff (for example, for 15 minutes) or a tariff Forever.
  4. Adding payment systems. Click “Payment Methods” in the notification that appears (or Admin Menu – Payment Methods). All money for payment of a subscription will be received immediately after payment to your payment system. No service fees and no need to wait for withdrawals. Which payment system you can connect depends on your status in which you plan to work (individuals, self-employed and individual entrepreneurs) and the country. For physical persons are available to connect Qiwi, YooMoney, Way4Pay, Semi-automatic payment methods, Cryptocurrencies (more than 100 types of cryptocurrencies). For the self-employed: PayAnyWay, YuKassa, Prodamus, and for individual entrepreneurs, any payment methods are available: Tinkoff.Acquiring, Robokassa, Sberbank, CloudPayments, Tranzzo, Stripe, LiqPay, all of the previously listed and many others.
  5. We do visual design. Basic setup completed. Now we will make the design – add an avatar for the bot and a start message. In the start message, we can write about our project and what the user will receive after paying for the subscription. You can also add a link to the offer agreement here (some payment systems require this when moderating the store).

Adding an avatar for the bot.

Go to @botfather. Write the /mybots command. Next, select your bot and click “Edit bot” and then “Edit botpic”.

Add a start message (Welcome).

In your bot, click Admin menu – Settings – Answers from the bot – Greeting.

In the start message, they usually write about the project and what the user receives after paying for the subscription. You can also specify a link to the offer agreement (if you do not have a website, you can use a standard agreement by uploading it to Yandex Documents or Google Docs).

Now the Bot is ready. All your functions as an Administrator are located in the Bot’s Admin menu. And the main settings in the Admin menu – Settings

For end users, it looks like this – in the bot, users have the opportunity to pay for a subscription in a fully automatic mode and get access for the duration of the tariff. In case of questions, the user can ask a question by clicking “Feedback”.

You can place a link to the created bot in your free channel if you have it in the pinned post and channel description. Or on other third-party resources (then the link to the bot will start with ).

If you have done everything, then congratulations, your paid club is fully ready for subscription sales in automatic mode!

What can and how does the VipSub paid subscription bot for Telegram channels and chats work?

Bots in the Telegram messenger are far from a new phenomenon. Programs for process automation are used everywhere, including for the monetization of closed channels. And it is really not only profitable, but also very convenient. In Telegram, you can find any useful information by subscribing to targeted channels and interacting with authors, experts or specialists.

If you decide to create your own Telegram channel or plan to monetize an existing one, then this article will answer all your questions.

So, why do you need a paid subscription bot and what the program can do.

Monetization of Telegram channels

Previously, monetization of telegram channels was carried out by standard tools – advertising, referral programs or direct sales of services and goods. All this works well only in the presence of a narrow audience. In all other cases, only a paid subscription shows effectiveness.

Again, we are not talking about a super-new tool. A paid subscription has long been used on various sites, resources and news platforms. It is important to keep in mind that in telegram channels, a paid subscription works best on topics: analytics, reviews, training, master classes, news and forecasts. The system of emotional donations is not applicable in our case. Users will buy real knowledge, experience and skills that bring value.

Advice. Another option for connecting a paid subscription is associated with unique content, when channel users receive news before the rest. And it can even be entertaining content.

Now some simple arithmetic: if 100 subscribers pay only 2,000 rubles a month, the channel owner will receive an income of 200,000 rubles a month. Moreover, if the content is of high quality, then the number of subscribers is constantly growing. Perhaps this is where the review of the profitability of a paid subscription can be completed.

VipSub bot functionality

The VipSub service and the bot of the same name work immediately in all directions in telegram channels, which allows you to receive a guaranteed income. The capabilities of the system are really great, so let’s look at a few main advantages.

  1. By connecting the bot, the owner of the channel gets access to the Admin panel with intuitive controls. The bot does almost all the work automatically.
  2. Flexible functionality allows you to analyze the situation, issue or cancel subscriptions, hold promotions and give free access. The administrator receives full statistics in graphs and tables.
  3. Distribution can be made to all groups. For example, if you need to run an advertising campaign in an existing telegram channel. In this case, you can use a flexible system of promotional codes and a referral program.
  4. The administrator receives a one-page site, which is already working, plus his rating. This function will be relevant for beginners and bloggers, experts from various fields.
  5. The bot has built-in feedback systems, customization options, including notifications. All functionality is configured for a specific user and channel.

As you can see, the functionality of the @vipsub_bot bot is huge and we have presented only the main part of the possibilities.

Why choose the VipSub bot

A logical question for all novice bloggers and experts who managed to find several free bots. In this regard, everything is simple – the service is completely ready to work and does not require programming skills from the user, as is often the case with free bots. No lags and problems, and the whole process of connecting the bot takes 15 minutes!

And most importantly, you will be able to receive money immediately to your payment system. The algorithm of work is very simple:

  • After creating the bot according to the instructions, you will receive a link to the landing page and a paid subscription payment bot.
  • Users subscribe and receive unique content, and you get money directly into your account.
  • Further interaction with the user occurs automatically.

The main task of the VipSub bot is to organize a clear and simple system of paid access to unique content, a closed channel or group. If you have any questions at any of the stages, you can be helped in support . Good luck!

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