Reset Blackberry – how it works

If you have problems using your Blackberry or if you want to sell the phone, it is necessary to reset it to the factory settings. We show you how to do this and how to create a backup before performing the reset.

How to create a backup of your Blackberry

If your Blackberry no longer works properly, a reset to the factory settings is the last option to fix the problems that arise. However, since all data and settings are deleted from the device, it is advisable to back up your Blackberry beforehand. For this you need the free Blackberry Link software and have to connect the device to a computer using a USB cable. Once you have done this, please open the program and navigate to “Backup & Restore”> “Back up device” to create a new backup.

This is how you reset your Blackberry

If you have backed up your Blackberry , you can continue to reset your phone in the next step.

  1. First go to the Blackberry homepage and open the “Settings”.
  2. Navigate to the Security category in Settings and select the Security Erase option.
  3. Now select all the content you want to back up and enter “blackberry” on the keyboard before you start the reset by tapping on “Clear data”.
  4. As soon as the Blackberry has been reset to the factory settings, please restart the device and import the previously created backup.

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