If the Telegram channel you usually enter has been copyright infringed, you may not be able to enter it.
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In Telegram we can find channels in which all kinds of content are broadcast . From movies to series episodes through books, music or educational content. Usually, what we find are links that take us to pages where we can download whatever we want for free. The problem is that in most cases these links are not legal.

The reason why these links would be illegal is because content protected by copyright is shared. And this is against the terms and conditions of use of Telegram, which try not to do anything illegal with the help of their application. Therefore, it is easy that when entering one of these channels you find the message « This channel is not available due to copyright infringement «. Indeed, when the application discovers that content has been shared on one of its channels that does not comply with the rules, it reserves the right to cancel it, preventing access to all users.

Normally this is not usually very problematic, because when a channel is closed , another one with the same theme sometimes appears in a matter of minutes . But you should keep in mind that if you use Telegram to access protected content or to broadcast it, this is something that can happen.



If the channel you were downloading content on has been closed, you may be wondering how to unblock a blocked channel .

In the event that the authorities have closed a channel , you will not be able to re-enter it. This is what happens, for example, in the case that we have previously commented on closures due to copyright infringement. If it is a channel that we could simply enter to download content, we will have no choice but to find another option. On the other hand, if it was our channel and we believe that the blocking was by mistake, we can contact Telegram to find a solution.

And it is that most of the time it is bots that are in charge of scanning the content that we can find in the different Telegram channels to close those that do not comply with the rules. But there are also moderators who can help you fix these errors.

Thus, if your channel has been blocked, the best thing you can do is contact Telegram support to see if it is possible to find a solution.



The only solution to this channel that cannot be shown definitively is that Telegram decides to unblock it, something that can only be requested by the owner of the channel.

But there is a bot that can allow you to access a blocked channel . To do this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram
  2. Click on the search magnifying glass
  3. Type @Nicegram_bot and hit Start
  4. Select Nicegram Login
  5. Confirm that you are over 18 years of age and that you allow sensitive content to be displayed
  6. Go back to the chat and click on Nicegram Bot
  7. Hit the icon with three dots
  8. Select Stop Bot
  9. Go back and start again
  10. Minimize the app, remove it from the background and reopen it

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to access any channel that is blocked. But keep in mind that, being blocked, content will no longer be shared on it , unless the administrators make it available again. But in the event that, for example, we search for a movie or a book that we know had been shared previously, it is possible that we can find the link again. In the end, whenever trying to access copyrighted content illegally is a bit cumbersome, but it’s never impossible to find what you want.

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