Opinion: why I don’t see the point in buying a MacBook

Many of us do not like changes in life: they force us to leave our comfort zone, experience discomfort and get used to certain things again. The same goes for the use of technology. Just the other day, my friend turned to me with a question, which laptop should she choose? Maybe even get generous and buy a MacBook? Okay, if you ask the price and choose a good device on Windows is not difficult, then with a MacBook everything is much more complicated. Of course, I know what she does, what her job is, but it seems that she definitely shouldn’t spend money on a MacBook. I will not say that I dissuaded her from spending money insanely – I just described all the pros and cons, asking her to make a choice herself.

I will never choose myself or recommend a MacBook to others


Moving from Windows to Mac

Perhaps the first thing a user will have to face is the process of switching to macOS itself. New design, interface, even keyboard shortcut. Well, the applications themselves are very different. How long does it take to get used to macOS? I think at least a month, given that my friend has been using exclusively Windows all her life.

You will have to work hard to understand and get used to macOS

Yes, the MacBook is much lighter and more compact than the Lenovo that it has now, but in 2021 you can easily find a cool version on Windows, for example, Huawei, which I have been using for the second year . MacOS may provide a whole new user experience, but is it so hard to get yourself into trouble to get used to the interface again for that?


How much does MacBook repair cost

Oops, seems to have to buy a new one

A friend is often on the road. You have to carry not only things but also a laptop for work. The MacBook is good for its size and weight, but one awkward move – and now you find yourself in a small financial crisis. Apple devices are well equipped, but their maintainability is poor. New models receive low ratings from repair specialists due to their tight layout. Yes, it is nice to have such a device, but until the first repair. By the way, you can find out why this is happening from our channel in Yandex.Zen.

Windows laptops

The era of bulky Windows laptops is a thing of the past. Now it will not be difficult to find an excellent copy, for example, on AMD Ryzen, which does not take up much space in a backpack, and even has good autonomy. In general, Windows laptops have changed a lot in recent years: manufacturers constantly offer non-standard solutions, what is only the Lenovo Yoga line for all occasions?

Does it make sense to overpay when there are worthy analogs on Windows?

And Windows 10 itself is optimized very well. For 3 years with this OS, I did not have any problems even on an old Lenovo, and with special gadgets in the same Huawei, I completely forgot about how much RAM is in my laptop and how the program looks like freezing. Windows 11 is on its way, but of course, I will not update to it yet.


Adapters for MacBook

Apple has reduced the number of ports in its laptops so much that you can’t look without tears. It will be especially difficult for a girl who, in her studies, will definitely have to connect a bunch of memory cards and other devices. Unfortunately, you find yourself with a laptop to which you cannot connect everything at once without adapters.

MacBook adapters are a headache

You yourself understand perfectly well that a bunch of such accessories will come out in a tidy sum: Apple will once again make good money not only on the laptop itself, but also on the accessories that will have to be purchased for it. In this regard, familiar Windows laptops are still omnivorous and have all the necessary connectors.

MacOS games

You can look at three things without interruption: how the fire burns, the water flows, and how there are still no games on macOS. I can’t say that my friend often plays , but sometimes she likes to hang out in some SIMS. Not the most important factor when choosing a laptop, but it seems that the ball is again on the side of familiar Windows laptops.


Apple ecosystem

Is an ecosystem really necessary? Is it worth overpaying for its availability?

The operation of devices in a single ecosystem is insanely cool. But sometimes it just doesn’t make sense: you can connect your iPhone to a regular laptop, all messengers already work fine in Desktop versions ( even WhatsApp Desktop has become a little better ). We have already written that you should not be afraid to use devices with different OS , and there is simply no need to synchronize a conditional iPhone and MacBook.


Price of MacBook 2021

For the same money, you can purchase a more practical device.

The MacBook is really cool. In my opinion, if the iPhone is no longer surprising, then Apple’s laptop is the last island of luxury in the world of devices. By the way, many people still buy it for this reason – it’s elite. But it’s better to come down to earth: it’s just a tool for getting things done. Why not save some money and buy a solid analogue for Windows, which will be in no way inferior to the MacBook?

I don’t want to offend MacBook owners – these are really cool devices equipped with the latest technology. Using my friend’s example, I tried to reason why you shouldn’t go to extremes ( get into loans ) when there are no objective reasons to leave for macOS.

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