Mobile phone in summer: This is how your smartphone survives the super summer


Summer time, vacation time! Of course, even in the hot season and on summer vacation, the smartphone is always there, of course. But there are dangers lurking when the sun burns from the sky and your feet shuffle through the hot sand. Here you can find out how your smartphone can get through summer safely.

1. Avoid excessive heat

In winter, the cold is the smartphone’s biggest enemy, in summer it is the heat. If the smartphone gets too hot, it can be irreparably damaged, even if many devices switch off beforehand. The battery and the display are particularly at risk if the sun hits the smartphone for hours.

Therefore, make sure that your smartphone is not left in the blazing sun for long. Even in the car , there is a great risk that the temperature will rise to 50 degrees and more if the vehicle is in the blazing sun. So: Always in the shade, not only with your smartphone, but also ideally in high heat.

AndroidPIT smartphone on fire

2. Cool properly

If the smartphone gets too hot, you have to be careful, because you can make fatal mistakes when you cool down. The smartphone should never be placed in the refrigerator or freezer, even if it were the quickest to cool down there. The risk of damage from condensation is too great, and frost is also not good for a smartphone.

It is therefore better to switch off the smartphone, place it in the shade and let it cool slowly so as not to risk any consequential damage. It should also be taboo to hang the smartphone on the charger to cool it down, because if the battery has already become too hot, you should not use it even more by charging it.

3. The right shell

Cases are extremely useful to protect a smartphone from damage, that is undisputed. If it’s really hot, they can also be a problem. Like clothes that are too warm, they often prevent the smartphone from properly dissipating the heat through the back. This danger exists especially with thick plastic covers.

But there are also covers that are more suitable for use in the summer heat. There are bumpers that only surround the frame of the smartphone , but leave the back free. So the smartphone keeps a cool head. Even cases made of fabric or neoprene encapsulate the smartphone less strongly.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s7 water active

4. Waterproof is not the same as waterproof

Many smartphones are now waterproof and certified to IP67 or IP68 – a good thing, because that gives a certain level of security. But it is worth taking a closer look because there are restrictions. First, these protection classes don’t mean that a smartphone can dive as deep and as long as you want. The magic limit is one and a half meters and 30 minutes, the guaranteed protection does not go any further.

In addition, with sealed smartphones, “water” usually means fresh water, and that is pure. A bath in the sea is just as unsecured as a shower in soapy water or a bath in a sangria bucket. So be careful what liquid your smartphone splashes into – or just leave it dry.

But there are still enough smartphones that are not waterproof. When it comes to the water, they should either keep a safe distance or be put in a waterproof case. You can buy them for a few euros. As a makeshift solution, it also does a plastic bag or a zip lock bag.

61 1 MpEuaL.  SL1000

5. Smartphone is not a sand toy

There is a place where the smartphone should not land: in the sand. Many smartphones are now dustproof so that the sand cannot penetrate all the way inside. Nevertheless, it sits in every groove, 
every connection socket and every gap on your smartphone. In addition, sand looks like sandpaper, so your smartphone will get nasty scratches very quickly. Therefore: Never put the smartphone in the sand!

Should it ever happen, then don’t make the mistake of trying to blow the sand out of the cracks and holes, especially not with compressed air. So the sand is only pressed deeper into the smartphone. Cleaning is better and gentler with a fine brush. By the way: A waterproof cover like the one shown above also reliably keeps sand away from your smartphone.

Perhaps it is also a good idea on vacation not to take your smartphone with you, but to leave it in your hotel room, of course in a safe – because switching off can be very relaxing .

Do you have any more tips and tricks to protect your smartphone in summer?

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