Mobile modem firmware for all SIM cards

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In the modern world, the Internet is simply a necessary thing. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to use unlimited internet at home. Fortunately, the development of mobile networks has reached such a level that it is much more convenient to use the mobile Internet in many localities. Coverage of fourth generation networks is already available in many cities, and 3G has long been practically the norm. Even if you have a wired connection, but you travel regularly, connecting through a cellular operator is not a foreign topic for you.

All major operators, be it MTS, Beeline or Megafon, offer profitable solutions, selling at an affordable price a set of equipment in the form of a mobile modem with a SIM card. But one of the biggest drawbacks of such offers is that such a modem will be able to work with a SIM card of only one operator, in the network of salons of which you purchased it. In addition, it often happens that over time, tariffs may not seem very attractive, and there is simply no opportunity to install a card from another operator, since work in other networks is blocked. In this case, you can flash the modem for use in the networks of any operator. You do not have to do complicated manipulations, everything is quite simple, you only need a little attention and, literally, a few minutes of time. We invite you to read the instructions,how to flash a mobile modem for use in the networks of any operator.

Mobile modem firmware for all SIM cards

How to flash a mobile modem for any network – in the article below

Preparatory stage

To begin with, almost the same models are sold in the salons of all operators. Therefore, the instruction will be valid for flashing the device of any operator, be it MTS or Beeline. It is also worth mentioning that the vast majority of modems are from Huawei. In some cases, a ZTE device may be encountered. Since the procedure is somewhat different, we will analyze the features of the firmware of Huawei and ZTE modems separately.

Huawei and ZTE modems


The principle by which each of the operators blocks the operation of the modem in third-party networks is to install a modified firmware that blocks the operation of the other operator’s network. When using a third-party SIM card, a message is displayed about the impossibility of working. In order to remove this limitation, we need to download the following software to our computer:

  • A special utility-calculator IMEI-code for a Huawei device that generates special unlock codes taking into account the IMEI-code.
  • Original firmware from Huawei for your modem model, in which the lock is removed.
  • Special software for selecting a connection profile – in other words, the modem’s software shell, which we see when it is connected to a computer.


With ZTE modems, everything is somewhat simpler. In most cases, you will only need to download the firmware, which you then install by running the installer. In some moments you will have to download an additional utility to unlock. After that, you can use any operator’s SIM card.

Choosing a firmware method

There are two ways to flash an MTS or Beeline modem for use in any networks: free and paid. When using the former, the procedure is slightly different for different manufacturers. In the second case, the procedure is no different, since you will use a universal application, thanks to which it is possible to unlock and flash a modem from any manufacturer. Let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

Free firmware method

Huawei modem firmware

We will assume that you have already downloaded everything to your computer or laptop. The method is almost universal, as it fits any model.

  1. Install the modem driver. In most cases, the installation will occur automatically immediately after connecting the device to the computer. In some cases, you will have to run the installer file, which is stored in the modem and is defined by the explorer as a disk with software.
  2. We are looking for a sticker with information about the IMEI code of the MTS or Beeline modem and rewrite it on a leaf or in the Notepad application on the computer.
    Huawei Modem - IMEI Code

    Save the code – it will come in handy later

  3. We are looking for an application for generating unlock codes, launch the Huawei-calculator.exe file and carefully type or paste the copied IMEI code, then click Calc.
  4. The program will give out two digital codes – for flashing and unlocking. We write down both.
  5. We close all applications, turn off the antivirus and disconnect from the Internet.
  6. Run the firmware file in Explorer by clicking on the file with the name containing the version, modem model and the word firmware.exe.
  7. We enter the previously obtained firmware code into a special window (in very rare cases, the utility may not ask for it) and follow the instructions of the program by clicking the Next button.
  8. After a short period of time, you will see a message about the end of the firmware process, as well as indicating the version and IMEI modem.
  9. We disconnect the MTS or Beeline modem from the computer and immediately connect it back.
  10. Run the Dashboard HUAWEI Modem0.exe file to flash the modem control program. We follow all the instructions and click Next until we receive a notification of successful completion.
  11. We install the Connection Manager program (Soft HUAWEI Modem 3.0.exe), open it, select a profile, and use the Internet.

ZTE modem firmware

With ZTE modems, the situation is even simpler. In most cases, it will be enough just to install a new firmware, run the installer and select the port through which the modem is connected to the computer. In some cases, you can even get by with just the “Connection Manager” utility from the modem developer.

Paid firmware method

If, for some reason, you cannot flash the modem for use in different networks in the previous way, use the option indicated below. Its only drawback is that you have to pay a few euros to unlock it. But almost all models of MTS or Beeline mobile modems are supported. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the browser and go to the site , where we download the utility for flashing modems by clicking the green button in the right column.
    Download DC-Unlocker

    Download the application by clicking on the button

  2. Make sure our modem model is supported by the application.
  3. We connect the modem to the computer and run the utility.
  4. We select the manufacturer, indicate the model or mark the automatic detection.
  5. Click on the magnifying glass icon so that the program reads all the parameters of your device.
  6. Pay attention to the blocking status and the number of attempts to enter the code. For successful completion, the status must indicate an active lock, and the number of attempts must be greater than zero.
  7. We go back to the site, click on the blue Buy credits button, enter personal data for registering an account and indicate the number of credits to purchase.
  8. If you are not sure about the cost, click on the How much do I need link. In the table that opens, we are looking for lines numbered 7 and 8, where the price is 4 or 7 euros.
  9. We pay for the services of the service in a convenient way for you; upon completion you will be given a username and password.
  10. We open the application, enter the credentials in the “Server” window.
  11. Next, click Unlock – Run.
  12. In a few minutes you will receive a message about the successful completion of the procedure.


It’s actually not very difficult to flash a mobile modem for SIM cards of any operator. The Russian market is flooded with literally a few Chinese models, which are not particularly complex. In any case, you have two options – both free and paid. In the comments, we ask you to tell us about how you managed to reflash your modem.

Attached files and links:

  1. Drivers for modems ( )
  2. HUAWEI Modem 3.0 ( ) (includes firmware (Dashboard) and program for connection management, as well as drivers).
  3. HUAWEI Modem 3.5 ( ) (includes firmware (Dashboard) and a program for managing the connection, as well as drivers).
  4. Firmware for Huawei modems ( ) (Firmware).
  5. Huawei IMEI calculator ( ).
  6. ZTE Modem ( ) (modem control).
  7. ZTE driver ( ).
  8. ZTE firmware ( ).

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