Methods for deleting a Google account from an Android mobile device

Owners of smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system most often use a huge number of services that require linking to a Google account. And if no problems arise at the time of creating a profile and using applications, if you want to delete an account, difficulties often arise. You may need to delete your profile before selling the gadget, transferring it to another person, or simply creating another main profile.

Removing Google Account from Android

Below we will look at the most effective methods for deleting a Google account from an Android phone.

Method recommended by Google developers themselves

The easiest way is to use the standard removal method, which the software developer himself recommends. This scenario can be implemented in any version of the Android operating system, including fairly old builds.

The procedure involves deleting all data associated with the user’s personal account from the phone or tablet. This applies to contacts, applications, various personal settings, etc. This is how you can disconnect a second device from your Google account.


  1. With the gadget turned on, open the settings menu. The name of the corresponding section may change depending on the OS version. Settings button on Android
  2. Open the category called “Personal”. Accounts and Archiving section on Android
  3. Go to “Accounts and Synchronization”. Accounts section on Android
  4. Find the account to be deleted in the list of accounts. Account selection
  5. In the corner of the screen, click on the button with three dots, and then select “Delete account.” "Delete Account" button on Android
  6. Confirm actions in the next window. You will need to enter your account password and reboot the device after the process is completed. Confirming account deletion on Android

Complete account deletion

In some cases, you may need to not only delete individual profile data from your phone or tablet, but also completely deactivate your Google account. And in this case, it will not be possible to access profile data from any other equipment.

Work algorithm:

  1. Open the settings menu through the corresponding icon. In the Google section, select “Google Account”. Google block on Android
  2. Go to “Data and personalization”. Google Account Management section on Android
  3. At the bottom of the list of functions that opens, you can find the “Delete a service or account” item, which you need to click on. Data & Privacy section on Android
  4. Select “Delete account”, enter the account password and confirm the actions. Section "Deleting an account" on Android Section "Deleting a Google Account" on Android Entering your account password
  5. Read the warning about terminating access to all data on the profile in question, then agree to all points and once again confirm complete deletion. "Delete account" button on Android

The result of these actions will be the deletion of the Google account both from the gadget and from the company’s storage facilities.

If you have root rights

Root rights on a mobile device provide greater access to various device settings and the ability to perform various actions with system files. This can be used to disconnect your device from your Google account.

The user will need to use a file manager. If it is not already on the device, you will need to install it. Moreover, it is important to take into account that the program must provide access to protected files.

Next, through the manager, you need to find the accounts.db file, which contains all the profile data, and delete it. Most often, this file is located in the /data/system folder. You need to highlight the found item with a long press, and then click on the trash can icon to delete.

In most cases, there are no problems with deleting a Google account on an Android mobile device. You just need to choose the profile deactivation method that is necessary in this situation (deleting data from the gadget or completely disabling the account).

Did you manage to delete your Google account from your Android phone? Did you encounter any problems during the process? Share your experience in the comments.

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