Is it possible to charge the battery without a phone?

Is your miniUSB port broken on your smartphone? Or do you only have a battery on hand without a mobile device? Learn how to charge your phone battery without a phone. This can be done directly. But you have to take precautions. So you keep the device in working order. And you will use it even if the USB connector breaks.

Battery levels

You can charge your phone battery even without the phone itself. But risky!


What you need to know

IMPORTANT. “Extreme” charging harms the gadget. It’s just not designed for that kind of connection. As a result, the device may fail. Better not to experiment. Don’t do it just for fun.

If you are wondering how to charge the battery without your phone because it is broken, take it in for repair. It’s better to fix the device than to ruin the battery. The direct charging method is a temporary solution. It is suitable when you urgently need a “mobile phone”, but you can’t power it in the usual way. But you can not constantly charge the battery separately from the smartphone.

There is a safe alternative – the transfer of energy literally through the air. The technology has appeared recently, so older smartphones do not support it. For wireless charging, you need a set of equipment: a charger (an electromagnetic signal source) and a receiver that is attached to the phone’s battery. The receiver itself can already be built into the gadget.

Samsung Wireless Charging

Technological progress has made it possible to charge the battery without cords and cables

This is not the best option, since it will not work to charge the smartphone battery without a smartphone. Yes, and it will replenish slowly. But if you just don’t have a mini USB slot working, transferring power wirelessly will be easier and safer. With it, nothing will definitely break or explode. A significant disadvantage is that the necessary equipment is expensive. Other methods, although risky, are available to everyone.

To decide how to charge the phone’s battery directly, you need to pull it out of the case. If it is non-removable, you will not be able to “get” to the contacts. Yes, and you should not manually replenish the battery while it is in the smartphone.

Universal charger

There is a universal battery charger for mobile devices. In the people it is called “Toad” or “Frog”. If you put it on the table, it will really resemble this animal. The method is not so dangerous. But the battery can still fail. Better not to abuse them. And replenish energy only when there is no other way out.

Here’s how to charge a phone battery without a phone:

  1. Turn off the device and remove the battery from it.
  2. Find contacts on it – metal inserts, next to which there are signs “+” (“Plus”) and “-” (“Minus”).
  3. Open the lid of the Frog. To do this, press your finger on its edge – it will rise.
  4. There are two terminals inside.
  5. Then it will be easy to figure out how to charge the battery without a phone directly. Insert the battery into the “frog charger” so that the two extreme contacts are connected to the terminals. See that the “Pros” and “Cons” match.
  6. Close the lid. She will press and fix the device.
  7. Plug the charger into a power outlet. The red indicator should turn on.
  8. If the light does not come on, then something is wrong. Try flipping your phone battery. Suddenly “Pros-Cons” did not match.
Charging a battery with a frog

A special gadget will allow you to charge the LIA separately from the phone

“Frog” is suitable for lithium-ion batteries. The characteristics of the gadget should indicate “Lithium-Ion” or “Li-Ion”. It’s written on his body.


If there are contacts on the battery, then a wire can be connected to them. But it’s best not to do it alone. Call a partner to help if you get electrocuted.

To charge your phone battery directly:

  1. Prepare a charging cable that you don’t mind. Check first if it works.
  2. Cut off the miniUSB plug from it.
  3. Remove the insulation carefully.
  4. There will be two wires inside – blue and red.
  5. Cut off some insulation from them too. Don’t damage them.
  6. Pull out the battery.
  7. Attach bare wires to its contacts. Blue is minus, red is plus.
  8. Secure them with tape.
  9. You can connect to the mains.

Understanding how to charge your phone battery directly from the charger is simple. But how not to ruin the battery? Such feeding is always a risk. Even if you do everything carefully.

Monitor the temperature of the device. If it gets too hot, turn it off. But don’t hold it in your hands. And do not touch a bare cord when current is applied to it.

Charging directly from the power supply

When connecting the power supply wires to the battery, observe the polarity

How to check where is “Plus” and where is “Minus”?

If the cable has other colors, how do you know which one to attach to the “Plus” and which one to the “Minus”? After all, it is necessary to charge the battery. There is an interesting way. Let’s do a physics experiment.

  1. Dip the ends of the wires in slightly salted water.
  2. Plug the charger into an outlet. Do not touch the bare cord and water.
  3. Bubbles will accumulate on one cable. This is a negative charge – “Minus”.

From another battery

You can power one gadget from another. The algorithm of actions is approximately the same as in the previous chapter. Only instead of an outlet – batteries. Connect them with a wire, fasten everything with tape. And if there is more energy in one of them, the phone battery will start charging without a phone.

But even here there are rules. Batteries must have the same specifications: current, power, capacity. This is not as dangerous as mains recharge. But there is a risk of breaking both devices at once.

If the connector on the phone does not work for you, you can charge its battery directly. Just connect the cable to its pins. But don’t do it for no reason. The battery may fail.

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