Huawei cloud: costs and what else you should know

The Huawei cloud has the same costs as other providers on the market. In this article, you will learn what differences the cloud has to its competitors and how it can be compared to other cloud formats.

Huawei cloud – these are the costs

The Huawei cloud is the online storage solution of the cellphone manufacturer of the same name from China. In this section you will find out what costs you can expect from this provider.

  • If you are a Huawei or Honor customer, you have five gigabytes of free storage space in the cloud. If you need more storage you can buy it for a fee.
  • The upgrades have the following monthly prices: 50 GB costs 0.99 euros, 200 GB costs 2.99 euros, 2 TB costs 9.99 euros.

The cloud compared to other providers

Competitors like Samsung, Google and Apple also have their own clouds. In this section, you will learn how the Huawei cloud compares to them.

  • If you compare the cloud with other providers, there are a few differences. The Huawei cloud offers a web interface for your cloud that is not yet standard for all competitors.
  • A major disadvantage that comes with Huawei’s cloud is the fact that they cannot determine which data is backed up themselves. That means in plain text: either backup all data as a backup or none at all, there is nothing in between. Other providers offer the option of backing up individual files.
  • In terms of size and cost, Huawei is on the same level with other providers. The costs and storage size can be found at the same level with other providers.
  • On the subject of “data protection”, Huawei says that they only want to store data from the cloud on servers within the EU and that the EU data protection guidelines apply to this data. Other providers also make the same promises.

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