Discover how to enjoy Pluto TV content on your TV for free
How to watch Pluto TV for free on TV 1

Pluto TV is a platform that has a wide catalog of different content and channels. If you already enjoy this platform on your mobile, we are now going to show you how to watch Pluto TV for free on TV to enjoy all the content on the big screen.

As of 2019, Pluto TV is owned by Paramount Global . This platform offers free television and without any cost. Its financing is thanks to the advertising that is shown on all channels. This advertising is in the form of ads that appear every few minutes, but you do not need to register to enjoy all the content.

One of the main features of this internet television is the fact that it is multiplatform, that is, it can be enjoyed on both mobile and tablet with versions for iOS or Android. You can also watch it from its official website by accessing it from any PC and you can also enjoy it from conventional TV.

In Pluto TV you have a lot of varied content. Among this content there is no shortage of channels, most of them thematic or Spanish series such as “El Comisario”, “Tierra de Lobos” or “Frank de la Jungla”. In addition, you can enjoy British series, auteur films, comedies, horror, etc. There are also series and movies based on books or they have categorized the latest trends that are most in demand on the platform.

Also, you can access content to practice fitness in a guided way, tutorial type and also has content to learn to cook or to enjoy life in the animal kingdom. All this content is available for free to any user and you just have to keep in mind that from time to time advertisements appear, but they are quite short.

If you want to know how to watch Pluto TV for free on TV, today we will tell you all the options you have for it. The first thing you have to know is that if you have a state-of-the-art TV you can easily watch Pluto TV as we explain in the next section. If, on the other hand, you have a conventional device, then we will detail how to watch Pluto TV for free on TV.

To find out how to watch Pluto TV for free on TV without Smart T V, you can do it through Chromecast or from Amazon Fire TV. You just have to connect any of these devices via HDMI to your television. If you have Chromecast , you just have to access the applications section of this device and then search for Pluto TV. After downloading it and you just have to enter to enjoy all the channels.

If you have Amazon Fire TV, you still need to go to the app store and find and install the Pluto TV app. Once downloaded, enter it to enjoy all the content.

How to watch Pluto TV for free on TV 2


In the previous section we have seen how to watch Pluto TV for free on TV, in the case of having televisions without Smart TV now we go to the opposite option, we are going to know how to watch Pluto TV on a Smart TV.

The first thing you have to know is that to watch Pluto TV on your Smart TV we are going to need the platform’s official app. To do this you just have to navigate to the app store of your Smart TV and then you have to search for this app. When you locate it, its installation proceeds.

Please note that depending on the network connection, the download time may be longer or shorter . Once you have downloaded it, it will appear along with the rest of the TV apps you already have. You only have to locate it, click on it to enter and enjoy all the contents.

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