How to use the cell phone as a PC microphone

use android as a microphone wo mic client

Here is a simple tutorial on how to use your Android phone as a microphone for the PC. With what is explained here it will be possible to convert the phone into a wireless microphone (WiFi or Bluetooth) for the computer or into a conventional or wired microphone using the device’s USB cable.

It is all about installing the WO Mic software pack . That is, the mobile app (Android or iPhone) and the client on the PC (Windows or Linux). If it is a Windows PC and you are going to use the wired method, additionally you will have to install the WO Mic driver. You can download all this for free on the website of the developer

For this article I have used an Android cell phone and a Windows computer. Once the software is installed on each computer, the mobile phone and the PC are connected with the USB cable, and the procedure is as follows.


Use phone as USB microphone

use android as microphone wo mic app

Open the WO Mic application on your Android, tap on the Settings button (or the gear) and choose “USB” (it may be under the Transport option). Then, on the main screen, press the Start button (or the “Play” triangle). The microphone figure should turn colored, as shown in the illustration above.

use android as a microphone wo mic client

On the PC open the WO Mic Client program , click on the Connection option and then on Connect . Then choose also ” USB” and finally click on the OK button .

Wireless microphone

If you prefer to use the wireless mode via WiFi or Bluetooth, in the mobile app and also in the PC program, select the same type of connection, as I indicated above and do the following:


  1. Both the mobile and the PC must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. Selecting “WiFi” in the WO Mic application on the Android device will generate an IP address (a group of four numbers separated by numbers).
  3. Copy and paste that IP address into the PC’s WO Mic Client program, in that text field to the right of the word “WiFi”.
  4. Click on “OK”.
  5. Click on “Connection” and then on “Connect”. A Windows Firewall window may be displayed. You must click on ” OK ” in this window for the microphone to work properly.


If you use the Bluetooth option, it will be necessary to confirm the Bluetooth name of the Android device on the PC.

Test the microphone

To test if the microphone works, in the PC program (Client) click on Options and check the option Play in Speaker . When speaking into the microphone of the Android phone, the sound should be played on the PC speakers.


There is another way to use Android as a microphone for the PC, but it requires an audio cable (3.5 mm, male – male). The one end connects to the “Mic” hole on the PC and the other end to the headphone hole of the cell phone, which should also have a microphone app, like this one or this one.

If you need a temporary microphone for the PC, another option is to connect headphones or earphones to the “Mic” hole on the PC and speak through them. This is possible because headphones and microphones have reverse functionality. That is, the headphones vibrate to create sound, while the microphones are vibration monitors. In this case, the only problem is that the sound quality generated by the headphones is very poor.

The problem

Unfortunately, all of these solutions will generate latency. That is, sound delay. There seems to be no way to eliminate this problem.

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