How to upload videos to TikTok without losing quality


The video we want to upload to TikTok looks sharp on our phone, but when we upload it, it looks blurry. If you don’t want this to happen to you, we’ll show you how to upload videos to TikTok without losing quality . Before we could only resign ourselves to TikTok reducing the quality of our posts, but now we can publish videos in high definition.

How to upload videos to TikTok without losing quality? Open the application and press the central button to record a video or select one from your gallery. Advance to the Post screen , where we can add a description, tag people, or allow duets.

One of these options is Allow uploads in high quality , which incorporates a switch next to it, like the others. We must activate it, pressing the switch until it is green, not gray. Once activated, we can publish the video without losing quality. This works for both the Android version of TikTok and the iPhone version .


From the end of 2021 we can upload videos to TikTok in high quality. High quality is 1080p , the maximum resolution allowed in the app . Many users were unaware of this possibility, or the option did not appear. If you were one of them, you already know how to upload videos to TikTok without losing quality.

How to upload higher quality videos to TikTok

In addition to posting videos in high definition, we can use other tricks to improve the quality of the video. Those who wonder how to upload higher quality videos to TikTok should know that the application includes options, during video recording and editing, to increase the quality of the video.

Before recording a video, we can touch Beautify to modify the faces and highlight, or hide, areas of it, such as the teeth or the nose. This includes increasing or decreasing the contrast on faces.

Next, after recording the video, on the screen where we can add sound, we have options to increase the quality of the video that we have recorded or selected from our gallery. The Noise Reduction and Enhance options will improve the sound and picture quality, respectively. These are located on the right of the screen.


Can you upload a 4K video to TikTok?

Unfortunately, you can’t upload a 4K video to TikTok . You can select a 4K quality video file, but it will be downscaled to 1080p, the highest resolution the social network allows. We will be attentive to updates in case it allows it in the future. Currently how to upload videos to TikTok without losing quality is impossible for 4K videos

On the other hand, we can always use programs or applications to make the uploaded videos appear of a higher quality. The ideal dimensions for a TikTok video are 1080W x 1920H , so make sure you input this into your video editing program or app.

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