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Learn how to hide your whereabouts by following these steps on how to turn off my current location on Twitter to strengthen your privacy.
How to turn off my current location on Twitter

Privacy has become a treasure to be protected, and at the least we get confused we can be revealing information that we don’t want to be exposed, that’s why it’s important to know how to deactivate my current location on Twitter . In this way we will prevent our followers from knowing where we live or from where we are making a certain publication.

The location on Twitter can be modified through the profile itself or through the permissions that we grant to the application. To deactivate it, we are going to focus on this last section, so we will have to access the ‘Settings’ of our phone. Under ‘Applications and notifications’, we will select Twitter as the next step.

Once inside, we will have to go to ‘Permissions’, where we can decide which parts of our phone the Twitter application has access to . In that list, we will have to make sure that the ‘Location’ tab is deactivated so that our location does not appear in the Twitter profile or when tweeting.

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There is another section that we will have to tweak to disable our location . By clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass to search Twitter, we will see the trends, which are usually personalized by default according to our location. In the icon with the wheel we can modify this configuration, having to deactivate the tab that says ‘Show content related to this location’.

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Another option we have is to tweak the profile, in this case we will be looking for how to put a fake location on Twitter . There are users who choose this way to mislead their followers (by locating in a country where they are not, for example) and others who do it simply to give their profile an original and fun touch; for tastes, locations.

In this case, when displaying the side menu of the Twitter application, we click on ‘Profile’ and it will take us to the main page of our Twitter user, where we can see the location we have set. Next, we click on ‘Edit profile’ and we can modify the location, writing what we most want. If we do not want any location to appear, leaving this field blank will suffice .

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We can also falsify our location so that trends from other places appear to us . If we click on the icon with the magnifying glass in the lower menu bar, we will enter the trending topics and searches section. Next, we go to the icon with the wheel that is at the top and in ‘Explore locations’, we choose the country that we are interested in knowing the trends to be aware of what is being talked about in all parts of the world .

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More and more users are more jealous of their privacy, including their location, so they follow these tips on how to change their location on Twitter. There is another way to modify it so that it appears in the profile that we are in another place where the user is not really located, and that is by using a VPN.

With a VPN, the tweeter will be able to choose which country they want to be located in and the application will also detect it automatically as long as the corresponding permissions are granted, as seen in the previous sections. The use of a VPN also has another utility , and that is that by changing our location through it, we will be able to have access to geo-blocked videos on Twitter due to retransmission rights (for example, videos with goals or outstanding plays of a football match of a foreign channel).

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